JET JML 1014VSI customer reports


JET JML 1014VSI reviews

The JET JML 1014VSI for sale provides state of the art features similar to the med JML-1014l but with enhancement on its speed ranges of 500 – 390 rpm, indexing options, arbor locks, this particular unit from JET with is a 10x 14” variable speed is a tough model that will enable the user to have absolute control on any kind of tasks that is assigned. Created on the end to take the mini lathe bed extension, this particular unit perfectly fit on the bed extension no. 708355 and the Jet stand no. 708354. This JET JML 1014VSI review will offer you comprehensive details about the product so you can decide whether it’s the right one for you.

This unit will be able to back stock to a maximum of ten inches when it comes to diameter, 14 –inch length, this particular model’s function and performance is run by the powerful ½ horsepower, fan cooled and completely covered motor that runs a power 6 spindle speeds from 500 – 3975 rpms. The adaptability of the motor enables the user to take on any kind of job and materials to sink on the lathe, these are the features that make consumers want to avail the JET JML 1014VSI deals but the great features don’t end there.

This unit is highly durable with metal lathe a bed which gives it extra security and stability while drastically lessening the vibrations while it’s operating so that the user will be able to satisfy the user with its accurate results. Moreover, the unit has a lock that allows the user to detach the chucks, faceplates and its accessories with a single hand and it has capability for quicker and effective veining and fluting projects, making the JET JML 1014VSI discounted price worth it.

To assist in accomplishing the job faster and more conveniently and to complete a wide array of projects, the unit has a detachable pin for putting holes through stock and also the hollow tailstock enables you to complete long-hole boring for vessels and lamps. Another feature why the JET JML 1014VSI ratings JET JML 1014VSI ratings is better than the other models in the market is that it is easy to use. This particular model has a self-ejecting feature so that it can easily be detached and also safe to remove, it also has a 2” ram capability.

Moreover, there is a cam-lock feature that enables convenient adjustment of tailstock, tool rest base and headstock.   This model also has levers for release that even allows easier and more precise placing of the tail stock and tool-rest. Finally, to enable the user to secure and protect the work site and the tools and materials, this particular unit from JET has benchtop mechanism, 3 non-skid rubber feet to maintain the unit in a secure position while operating.