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Jugs Lite-Flite reviewsThe Jugs Lite-Flite pitching machine which is developed by Jugs is a well recognized baseball pitching machine because of its performance and versatility throughout the world of baseball. The fanatics of softball are also gibbering about the multipurpose capabilities of this extraordinary machine that accomplish the basic training requirements who want to knock the stuffing by using practice balls of different sizes. With the help of Jugs Lite-Flite the hitters of almost any age can enjoy a lot of fun while gaining knowledge about how to get the comfy at the bat’s plate. This pitching machine can also play a big role in educating a newbie about how to properly play the different types of pitches at varying speeds.

These things in total will give a great confidence booster to upcoming little leaguers, when it comes to accurate timing and swinging the bat at a pitch along with some confidence and conviction. Apart from these features, another good thing about it which you can easily find from the Jugs Lite-Flite Review is that it is very light in weight, which means you can transport or move the entire unit without facing any kind of scrupulous issue. The Lite-Flite baseball pitching machine can only throw Bulldog Polly balls or Lite Flite balls. Because of it, this machine is widely used in the high schools and athletic fields of the college campuses, since it allows the young player to learn how to strike the sharp pitches without having a fear in heart of getting hurt by a regular hard baseball.

Many people also like to practice with the help of this pitching unit at their backyards. It is a good equipment especially for the coaches because of its features like changing the setting for each kind of ball either bulldog or Lite Filte balls within just two seconds, its ability to throw the curve balls, sliders and hurl heaters from the velocities of 15 to 85 miles per hour (MPH). The machine is equally good for the enhancing the defensive and offensive skills. The ability to throw left and right handed breaking balls, offers the baseball instructors to do a little more with it.

The dimension measure of Jugs Lite Flite pitching matching after completing the assembly is 6 feet and 6 inches height and width of 4 inches. The package also includes numerous practice balls. The yellow colored balls are usually used for the increased and better visibility while on the other hand their soft materials allows the batters to valiantly play their shots without having the trepidation of getting tingled by a feral pitch. According to the various Jugs Lite-Flite customer reports these balls are safe for indoor use and they are compatible with almost all machines of Jugs.