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Karcher K 5.540 reviewsSometimes the removal of loose paint, mold, dust or dirt is a painstaking process. It requires time, effort and will. So if you have to clean vehicles, concrete surfaces, buildings or I don`t know what else, it is not going to be easy. Or it may well get a lot simpler if you have a reliable electric pressure washer. The Karcher K 5.540  review will try to help you in this department.

First of all it is a very powerful and durable machine. Its spraying process can go up to 2000 Psi. It has an impressive number of accessories for all types of jobs. For example if you have a dirt problem, you just attach the Dirt-Blaster spray wand and presto the effectiveness increases 50%. For more delicate work, just attach the Vario Power Spray, which can control the amount of pressure that is transferred onto that certain surface. The `Water Cooled Induction Motor` is an innovative piece of work. It circulates water around the engine which in turn keeps it cool, making it much more durable. There is also a detergent mechanism that cuts down set-up time 75%. You can control the usage of your detergent in the middle of the cleaning.  Its advantage over gasoline pressure washers is that while having the same maximum number of Psi, it is a lot quieter.

Other accessories include: a 25-foot high-pressure hose, a pressurized hose reel, a quick-connected trigger gun with child-safety lock, an onboard detergent tank, a quick-connect water inlet and outlet and an integrated accessory storage.

The Karcher K 5.540  customer reports have only good things to say about it. Some have even put it up against a similar caliber gas pressure washer and the K 5.540 has clearly one from what they say.  And if we add that it costs less than half what a gas washer does we can truly see its value. They admit also that almost every job around their lives can be done with the K 5.540. The child safety features are brought up as well by the satisfied customers.

So if you are looking for something to help you clean those rough surfaces or those hard to get places beneath your car, than the Karcher K 5.540 X-Series Electric Pressure Washercan provide the aid your need. The price is between 200$-300$, less than half for what is required to buy a gas pressure washer. With so many accessories you can complete a multitude of tasks, the 25-foot high-pressure hose gives it mobility, to get virtually to every corner. The Karcher K 5.540 customer reports have highly recommended it and have shown that it can be extremely useful if you decide to buy it.