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Keeper 07203 reviewsTravelling, most of the time requires waterproof and weatherproof bags to contain your things. There comes a time when your trunk is never enough. Keeper 07203 Cargo Bag is the solution. Why is it? Read about it in this Keeper 07203  Review.

Travelling with your car requires luggage space. This Keeper 07203 can be used as a roof top bag. It is waterproof and does not make any irritating flapping noise. It can tolerate harsh winds and strong pours of rain. It also has a lot of luggage space. It can contain large cargo with its dimension of 44 inches by 34 inches by 17 inches high.

It attaches to the roof of your car excellently even when you’re driving so fast because of its 4 cam buckle straps. It doesn’t get loose so you canbe assure that it won’t give in no matter how heavy your cargo is.

Keeper 07203 has easy to use zippers for putting in things. It is also soft so that oddly shaped things can be put inside it without any problem. If not in use, this cargo bag is foldable and easily stored.

It is great if you’re going to have a road trip or going to camping. It has an amazing 15 cubic feet of extra cargo space. With that waterproof cargo bag on the top of your car, that’s like an extra trunk.

Keeper 07203 Cargo Bag Specifics and Features:

–          Roof top cargo bag

–          Waterproof and weatherproof

–          Four cam buckle straps- provide excellent attachment when driving fast

–          44 inch by 34 inch by 17 high, large cargo

–          Soft- so that odd shaped objects can fit easily

–          Foldable- easily stored

–          easy to fit on the roof of the car

–          zippers are easy to use

–          straps don’t get loose

–          lots of storage space