Most Appreciated Surge Protector from Kensington


1.Kensington SmartSocket 62634 Premium Surge Protection Power StripeBenefits

According to the Kensington SmartSocket 62634 Premium surge protector reviews it will help keep multiple cords organized.

With its innovative design and room for 6 adapters, it is easy to see why this is often considered the best surge protector from Kensington.

You will appreciate the long power cord that lets you place this surge protector whenever you need it.

This is one of the best surge protectors to keep computers and other electronic devices safe and functioning properly.



There have been some mentions that this surge protector is priced higher than other models, but this is due to its ability to protect multiple devices from up to 1500 joules.


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Benefits Explained

  • One of the main benefits associated with this surge protector is its ability to help you manage up to 6 power cords while also keeping your devices safe. Each of the outlets is color coded and includes a matching tag for the power cord, this lets you easily grab the correct one without accidentally unplugging a device that is being used. Perfect for use during meetings, you’ll also appreciate how neat and clutter free your desk or floor will appear when you keep all of your cords organized with this convenient surge protector.

Kensington SmartSocket 62634 Premium Surge Protection Power Stripe- SPR 10top

  • You will appreciate being able to keep up to 6 devices protected, and this model features an innovative design that is perfect for smaller spaces. Its circular design takes up less space on your floor or desk, and it also makes it easier to reach all of the plugs. The outlets are placed far enough apart so you can easily plug in up to 6 adapters, and with the ability to protect your devices from surges up to 1500 joules it is perfect for laptops and computers.


  • This surge protector features a 16 foot power cord that can reach almost any outlet, while still giving you plenty of room to move it around. Its small size is perfect for cramped areas, and you will also appreciate the 4 protective rubber pads that prevent the device from scrapping your hardwood floors. The long power cord ensures that you can always reach an outlet, so you don’t have to move all of your devices to the surge protector.


  • The 6 plugs are conveniently spaced far enough apart to accommodate most adapters, including ones with a larger design. It is capable of protecting against power surges up to 1,500 joules, which makes it ideal for use with computers and other expensive electronic equipment. You will also appreciate the audible alert that lets you know when there aren’t any power surges present.



This power surge protector features an innovative design that will help you manage all of your electric cords. It is designed to protect up to 6 devices, and can prevent damage from power surges up to 1500 joules. The plugs are spaced wide enough apart that you can easily connect up to 6 adapters, and with a 16 foot power cord you can place this device almost anywhere.


Buy from Amazon for ($44.89)