Highest Rated Table Tennis Paddle from Killerspin


1. Killerspin JET600 Table Tennis Paddle


As stated in the Killerspin JET600 table tennis paddle reviews it is approved for use in competitions.

With its high ratings it is easy to see why this is considered the best table tennis paddle from Killerspin.

It features a durable construction that provides plenty of speed, power, and control.

This table tennis paddle is comfortable to hold during extended play, and you will also appreciate the included warranty.



It should be noted that this table tennis paddle is not designed to be used by beginning players. The rubber is heavier at the top which can affect the balance and throw off your serve.


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Benefits Explained


This bright red ping pong paddle is designed to help intermediate and advanced players improve their serve and game. This paddle is approved for use in competitive matches, and is rated higher than most similar models. Approved by the ITTF, players will love the speed and control they have over the small ball and its durable construction is designed to last through hours of aggressive play.

2. Killerspin JET600 Table Tennis Paddle

Not only is this table tennis paddle approved by the ITTF for use in competitions, it also features incredibly high ratings considering its affordable price. Rated from 1 to 10 this paddle scored high in speed, control and spin, all of which are necessary to win at competitive ping pong. The paddle was rated an 8 for speed, along with an impressive 9 rating for its ability to add a spin to the ball. For overall control you have the advantage of the 8.5 rating which will give you a decided advantage during competitive play.


This ping pong paddle features a durable and lightweight construction that is designed to withstand more aggressive play. It is constructed from three strong woods, which make up the 5 layers, so you have the advantage of a lightweight and thin paddle that is able to provide maximum power. The thinner design also makes it easier for you to feel the ball as it strikes the paddle so you can have more control over where you are going to send your next shot.


Included with its durable and lightweight construction is the included 30 day warranty, which will let you return the table tennis paddle if you are not completely satisfied. The lightweight design is also comfortable to hold for hours of play, and won’t contribute to wrist or arm fatigue. The handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and is flared to make it easier for you to find the perfect grip. The flared design will also help prevent the paddle from flying out of your hand during a particularly hard hit.


This is often considered the best ping pong paddle for intermediate and advanced table tennis players, and it is approved for use in most competitions. It is lightweight and comfortable to hold, and it is designed to provide you with plenty of power and control so you can win all of your matches.


Buy from Amazon for ($49.99)