Kindle Fire 8.9” 16 GB reviews


Kindle Fire 8.9” 16 GB customer reports


Kindle Fire 8.9” 16 GB reviewsThe new versions of the Kindle Fire HD will have the 8.9 inch screen and have the Wi-Fi version only and a 4G LTE model.

It will also have a higher resolution and a faster CPU/GPU combo compared with the 7 inch model, as given in this Kindle Fire 8.9” 16 GB review.

The model of 8.9 inches is just like a bigger copy of the 7 inch model. It has the beveled backside, micro-HDMI, a micro-USB charging and data port, it also includes a 720p front-facing camera on the top of the bezel, it has the same volume and the power buttons are located on the right edge. The back includes the feature of tabletwide black strip with the speaker grilles located at the ends of it.

The version of 8.9 inches is thinner than the 7 inch version, which is 0.35 inch deep. It is very thin and light weight as compared to its predecessors. The power adapter is not included with the Kindle Fire 8.9”, but will be given with the micro-USB-to-USB cable that also acts as a charging and data cable.

This Kindle Fire 8.9” 16 GB review will tell of all the features of this Kindle Fire 8.9” that has the refined Android 4.0 based interface that is the new feature of all the Kindle Fires. All the features of X-Ray will be provided for the movies along with the X-Ray for books, Whispersync for audio and Immersion Reading.

The pros of Kindle Fire 8.9”:

There are a few differences between the two Fire HD sizes. The 8.9 inches screen has the larger screen but it also has a higher pixel resolution which is 1920×1200 pixel resolution, which is highest resolution that is available for the 10-inch tablet. In order for the tablet to cater a resolution range of more than this t will have the Texas Instruments’ dual core 1.5 GHz OMAP4470 with a PowerVR SGX544 GPU for graphics. This ensures improved graphics in games and a quick navigation through the interface of the tablet. The 4G version of the Fire HD 8.9, as described in this Kindle Fire 8.9” 16 GB review will be identical to the Wi-Fi only version, but will have a very fast cellular connection.

The Kindle Fire 8.9” 16 GB customer reports show that it has a price which is above the tablets available in the market. However, the cellular plan is a lot cheaper than the other available in the market. It offers a way to experience a larger form factor tablet with access to tons of the books, movies and TV shows at a relatively low price than that offered by the iPad .