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With the numerous options that you will be confronted with if you decide to buy a tablet, this Amazon Kindle Fire review will provide you with an idea on why this is one of the options that can be given consideration. As you finish reading this article, you will know about its different features and functions. However, this article does not provide an absolute claim that this is the best available tablet in the market. Its limitations, specifically those that have not been liked by many customers, will also be noted, so that you will find it easier as to whether or not you should end up picking this tablet. Power and portability are two words that would best describe this product, and they have been used in many Kindle Fire customer reports to identify this revolutionary device. With a weight of 431 grams and size of 7 inches, you will definitely not feel any heaviness when this product is in your hand.

At its small size, the product already has the capability to store 8GB of files on its on-device storage. In addition, you can also expect nothing but smooth performance, especially if you have an excellent online connection. It is powered by a 2.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. It is also important to note that the Kindle Fire has an extended battery life, which means that you can view more contents in a longer period of time. Its battery can last up to 9 hours, giving you a lot of time to read, surf on the Internet, watch movie, and listen to your favorite songs, among other things that you can do with this gadget.

The ease of its use has also been liked by many customers. For instance, it has a text-to-speech feature. This means that when it is supported by the supplier of the content, the English text can be converted into audio. Another thing that makes the product easy to use is the fact that it is already pre-registered in its manufacturer. With that, you can immediately have it enjoyed once it is taken out of the box. However, it is also important to highlight in this Kindle Fire review that many users did not like the fact that it is quite inferior in terms of performance, and that it is mot powered by the Android market, or the app store of Apple, which makes it quite limited in terms of applications, although much can also be downloaded from Amazon’s own store.

In sum, if you are not really much worried about the limited access to app stores and all that you want is a tablet that can allow you to read, listen to music, and watch video, this product is already a good option. It has already satisfied many customers in the past, based on various Kindle Fire customer reports.