KitchenAid KSRV22FV reviews


KitchenAid KSRV22FV customer reports


KitchenAid KSRV22FV reviewsKitchenAid KSRV22FV is a high quality dispensing refrigerator that is designed to provide a low capacity yet optimum operation. Read more about this in KitchenAid KSRV22FV Review.

KitchenAid KSRV22FV has a total capacity of 21.7 cu. ft. and can measure water in several different units. It looks good and features a sleek design. The dimensions of this refrigerator are 33-3/4 x 66-3/4 x 32-3/4”.

This refrigerator also operates quietly and doesn’t produce too much noise. It is Energy Star Qualified which ensures that the refrigerator will save electricity which will enable you to save money. It can utilize a FreshChill temperature management system. This regulates temperatures to keep ingredients in optimum storage condition.

houses a Quick-Fill dispenser that measures water in ounces, cups or liters. The KSRV22FV also comes equipped with an advanced electronic through-the-door ice & water dispenser. It has an AquaSense base-grille filtration system which is powered by PuR that reduces water impurities and saves storage space. The AquaSense In-Door-Ice ice dispensing system is also equipped with an ice bucket located in the door to increase freezer capacity.

The KSRV22FV also has an automatic ice maker for a constant supply of ice. It also features FreshSeal Crispers, FreshChill, and SpillClean. FreshSeal humidity-controlled crispers help retain humidity for optimum storage of fresh fruits and vegetables. The KSRV22FV also features FreshChill temperature-managed meat locker and an adjustable SpillClean glass shelves that hold in liquids to make cleaning up spills easier.

This refrigerator also has 3 Gallon Storage Bins that can contain water for dispensing. There is also a door alarm so that if it is left open, it will alert the user. KSRV22FV also boasts of its LCD dispenser display which offers a great a control over the refrigerator. It also features an optional pulsed defrost system so that defrosting won’t be such a hassle.

KitchenAid KSRV22FV Specifics and Features

  • 2008 ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • LCD Dispenser Display w/Digital Controls
  • FreshChill Temperature Management System
  • Advanced Electronic Through-the Door Ice & Water Dispenser
  • Quick-Fill dispenser
  • AquaSense Filtration System
  • AquaSense Dispensing System
  • Automatic Ice Maker
  • FreshSeal Crispers
  • Door Alarm
  • Water Filter Indicator
  • 3 Gallon Storage Bins
  • Adjustable SpillClean Glass Shelves
  • FreshChill Meat Locker
  • FreshSeal Deli Locker
  • Optional Pulsed Defrost System
  • Total Capacity: 21.7 cu ft
  • Dimensions (H x D x W): 33-3/4 x 66-3/4 x 32-3/4”

According to the KitchenAid KSRV22FV customer reports, this refrigerator offers the users a lot of wonderful features even though it has little less capacity that its competitors, it has a lot of wonderful features. This refrigerator can dispense water and ice, save electricity, and make cleaning and defrosting a lot easier.