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Kitchener 15lb reviewsThe efficient and sleek design of Kitchener 15b stainless steel sausage stuffer has the competence to deliver years of reliable performance. It is known as one of the most popular sausage stuffers which have been proved from the various Kitchener 15lb reviews. It features a base for quick cleaning and easy filling along with a removable cylinder which is made from the stainless steel. The inbuilt pressure release valve of the of the plastic piston helps a lot in avoiding the blowouts and it also make the process of cleaning extremely easy. The Kitchener 15lb has an upright canister that can grasp as much meat as any large sized horizontal sausage stuffer could hold. But the vertical shape of this sausage stuffer allows you to operate this device in less space.

For durability and smooth operation the Kitchener 15lb stainless steel sausage stuffer has different metal gears that include three stuffing tubes of various sizes and capacities. These stuffing tubes include a ¾ inches tube, a tube of 7/8 inches and a 1 ¼ inches tube. Its large handle is also very easy to crank that makes the entire process of stuffing quite effortless. The removable plastic cylinder of Kitchener 15lb also makes it extremely comfortable to clean and fill it. The base of this sausage stuffer has several predrilled holes in order to attach it to the table or counter.

This vertical shaped stuffer comes in partially assembled form, which means you have to complete several steps before actually operating this stuffing machine and make your own sausages at your home. First of all you need to attach its handle of this machine with the main stuffing frame. You can do this by inserting a wing nut through its handle and then you have to twist the wing nut until it gets fully tight. After tightening the wing nut now it is the time to turn its handle and by doing this you will also actuate its piston. Remember; at this stage turn its handle in the clockwise direction so that the pistons and the center thread rod moves right to the top of its main stuffing frame.

When you get ready to stuff your meat after assembling different part of the machine, remove the canister from its frame and then start filling your desired recipe of meat. After filling the mixture slide back this canister into the main frame. Now you just have to move the handle in the clockwise direction and all your filled mixture of sausage will come into the casing through the funnel. Most of the Kitchener 15lb customer reports are convinced and positive and this sausage stuffer is great for the various sorts of occasions and parties at home because it has the capability to choke up and induce large amounts of scrumptious sausages.