Leatherman Sidekick reviews


Leatherman 830040 customer reports


Leatherman 830040 reviewsFor all those do-it-yourself enthusists out there, who like to build and fix things with their own bare hands, Letharman has come up with an exciting new multi-tool named in a very suggestive manner, Sidekick. This product aims to be an `entry-level` tool, but as you will see I think it surpasses this prediction. It incorporates many different much needed tools and it even has a bottle opener.

The Letherman 830040 review must underline that the price is very affordable too, between 30$-50$. At first glance you would think it may have some faults because of its low price. You can look it over as much as you want, it hasn`t any. First when you open the Sidekick, the pliers come out and also the knife blade. After you have used a certain tool, you just have to push it back untill you hear the click.

The knife is 2.6 inches long and it is made from 420 HC steel. The pliers present no defects, like burns or dints. The 830040`s shape makes the grip be very sure even when squezing the pliers very hard. A wire-cutter is also added with two triangular cutting-edges, that are not very sharp. So you may have to give more effort to cut thicker cables and wires, but they do their job nonetheless. The Sidekick also comes equipped with: a wood-cutting saw, short serrated knife, 1-3/16 inch ruler, small screwdriver, metal file, a can opener, a bottle opener, a v-groove wire stripper, a Philips screwdriver and a large slotted screwdiver. You have the option of wearing or carring the Sidecickin your removable belt or in a leather pouch that comes with it. Leatherman have also thrown in a mini-carabiner that has a bottle opener and a ¼ “ hex wrench.

The Letherman 830040 customer reports have been very positive. Most of them underlining the fact that it is more than an entry-level multi-tool. The price tag is also not overlooked by its costumers, most of them being surprised that it costs next to nothing for a tool of its quality. Because of its design it can fit without any problem in your pocket, being easy to use at any time.

So whether you`re a entry-level tool user or a more experienced one, the Letherman 830040 customer reports have pointed out that itis a must have item. Its design is flawless, it is easy to use and the price is insane. Just 40 $ for a multi-tool of this quality. The leather pouch and the mini-carabiner add an extra touch to an already amazing multi-tool, that is worth every cent and more. If you are intrested in such a item there should be no second thoughts, there is only one option and that is to purchase it. It`s just that simple.