Leatherman Wingman reviews


Leatherman Wingman customer reports


Leatherman Wingman reviewsThe Leatherman Wingman tool was originally released in the year of 2011 along with the sidekick which was slightly more expensive than it. It has been discovered from the Leatherman Wingman customer reports that the Leatherman has tried to reach the international market by using this top quality yet inexpensive product as a bridge and according to some sources they got success because the tool is well built and handy. Another reason behind its popularity is its useful pocket clip that makes it ride along with its user virtually imperceptible until such time when he/she needs it.



The Leatherman’s Wingman is available at very reasonable prices that is between $20.99 and $30.99 but at such price it is still loaded with a lot of great features such as liner locking blade, partially serrated and one handed easy opening. This tool is extremely tight and it does not open without a fight. Several people might not care about the partial serrations, though it is the stance of Leatherman that the cheaper models must have the serration, since this way they will remain sharper for longer time periods.


There is also a nice pair of scissors included in this set. These are pretty large for a Multitool set. The one and only thing which is nit picking and wrong with the pair of these scissors is that they need to be forcibly pushed all the way out and after it release the pressure, and then again push them hard in order to lock them into their right place. This process can be a little complicated especially for the new users who do not have any kind of experience with such tools. To be précised, this method of opening or closing the scissors is very similar to opening them on the surge.

Inside the handles of Wingman you will find a flathead driver and a Philips on one side and a bottle opener, ruler and a shell package opener on the other side. These days the calm opener is very popular item and is becoming more popular day by day. The ruler and bottle or can openers are exactly the same ones which came with the previous model of Wingman. For any type of serious work the ruler is too short and the story is not much different when it comes to the file.


According to the Leatherman Wingman review the bottle/can opener is good for cans, but its downside is that it is just too pointed and sharp, so that it can puncture the cap instead of lifting it off from the bottle. In other words, you can use this tool as a bottle opener if any other choice is not available, but if you need to open your bottle in the right way then it is highly recommended to get a well designed bottle opener along with you.