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Ledge Featherlite reviewsWhen you’re going camping, hiking, and Ledge Featherlite-20-degree is the tent that you must bring over. It is designed to keep you warm outdoors even in bitter nights. Read more in this Ledge Featherlite Review.

Ledge has made a top rated sleeping bag that will stay you warm on your outdoor outing. It is one of the most needed camping equipments and this product features a contour adjustable hood to keep you extra toasty in chilly nights with its features.

The thermo-collar and thermo-shield are the major features of this sleeping bag that keep you warm. Ledge Featherlite -20-degree Sleeping Bag also has barrel locks and full-length zipper which has an anti-crawl zipper stops. It has drawstring closure and anti-snag architecture ensure secure sleep.

The construction of Ledge Featherlite is well designed. Some of the technology applied in making this sleeping bag are Dual wall offset union architecture, GTX Micro Dobby Diamond Ripstop 250T shell and Softech II 210T fiber lining.

What’s great about this sleeping bag is that it is water resistant which enables you to sleep in any type of terrain. It also offers comfort with its equal depth foot box, thermo-collar, and soft yet sturdy construction which is featured as the Hibernate Extreme fill.

Along with the sleeping bag, T8 compression sack is also included in the package.

The whole package weighs 5.7 pounds and the fill weighs 4 pounds. This weight makes the sleeping very lightweight. The dimension of the sleeping bag package is 16 inches long x 12 inches in diameter when uncompressed. The unfolded and unpackaged sleeping bag measures 84 inches long and 32 inches wide.

The materials used in this sleeping bag is of top quality so it makes sure that it will last for years.

Ledge Featherlite -20-degree Sleeping Bag Specifics and Feature:

–          Pack size measures 16 inches long x 12 inches in diameter uncompressed (25- to 30-percent

ain compressed)

–          Measures 84 inches long x 32 inches wide (tapers to 20 inches wide)

–          Barrel locks

–          Thermo-shield

–          Drawstring closure

–          Thermo-collar

–          Full-length zipper

–          External pocket

–          Anti-snag architecture

–          Versatile webbing eyelets

–          Anti-crawl zipper stops

–          Equal depth foot box

–          Water resistant

–          T8 compression sack

–          GTX Micro Dobby Diamond Ripstop 250T shell

–          Softech II 210T fiber lining

–          Hibernate Extreme fill

–          Fill weight: 4.0 pounds

–          Pack weight: 5.7 pounds

–          Dual wall offset union architecture

According Ledge Featherlite customer reports, the customers found this comfortable even in the most chilly nights. This sleeping bag is soft, water resistant, and sturdy—qualities that customers search for in a sleeping bag. Warm your outdoor camping with Ledge Featherlite sleeping bag.