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Legacy LWF8X – “L” Series customer reports


Legacy LWF8X - "L" Series reviewsEnjoy the power of music right in your car with this Legacy LWF8X – “L” Series Car Audio Subwoofer. It produces solid and strong bass notes. Read more about this incredible subwoofer in this Legacy LWF8X – “L” Series Review. It will help you choose the car audio subwoofer.

A car subwoofer is usually an alternative or enhancement to regular car speakers that cannot produce the low bass sounds that a subwoofer is capable of. This 8-inch Legacy speaker can produce some very solid, strong bass notes, a well-liked characteristic of customers.

Legacy LWF8X – “L” Series uses maximum wattage of 300 Watts and 150 Watts RMS with an impedance of 4 Ohm. These are extremely important factors to consider when buying a car subwoofer, because it is usually necessary to add an external amplifier as a way to produce and regulate power to a subwoofer. It is also made with a 1.5 inches High Temperature Kapton Voice Coil and 50 oz Magnet Structure that is designed to improve the sound produced by the audio subwoofer. It has a mounting depth 3.31 inches and works from 38 Hz to 5.5 kHz. The sensitivity of the subwoofer is also very good with its sensitivity of 88.6 dB.

The subwoofer has a brown injected Polypropylene Cone and is specially treated black rubber edge suspension and has a bumped & vented motor structure.

The diameter of the subwoofer is 7.28 inches, the mounting depth is 3.31 inches, and the magnet weight is 50 oz. In the market, this subwoofer is sold by unit.

This subwoofer is made from hard and durable materials and it is designed to last long. The Legacy LWF8X – “L” Series Car Audio subwoofer is trusted by many car owners.


Legacy LWF8X – “L” Series Car Audio Subwoofer Specifics and Features:

–          300 Watts Max / 150 Watts Rms

–          50 oz Magnet Structure

–          Mounting Depth 3.31″

–          38Hz – 5.5kHz

–          Brown Injected Polypropylene Cone

–          Specially Treated Black Rubber Edge Suspension

–          Bumped & Vented Motor Structure

–          1.5” High Temperature Kapton Voice Coil

–          Heavy Magnet Structure

–          4 Ohm Impedance

–          150 Watts RMS/300 Watts Peak

–          SPL @ 1W/1M: 88.6dB

–          Overall Diameter: 7.28”

–          Mounting Depth: 3.31”

–          Magnet Weight: 50 oz.

–          Sold as : Unit


According to the Legacy LWF8X – “L” Series customer reports, the customers were glad to have this subwoofer in their cars. This subwoofer produces solid and strong base that captures the heart of the car owners. It also looks good with its specially treated Black rubber edge suspension. Take the world of music into your own automobile.