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LEGO Ultimate Building Set reviewsAre you looking for the perfect Christmas present for your kids this holiday season? If he or she has been building small Lego sets, it’s time to graduate with the Lego Ultimate Building Set. Read this LEGO Ultimate Building Set review to learn more about its features.

The Lego Ultimate Building Set has 405 pieces which are stored in a durable plastic box with a see-through top. It definitely is the perfect item to let kids continue to explore their imagination and motor skills. The set contains many pieces of colorful and classic bricks and also includes a Lego mini figure, baseplate, wheels and special house elements. The set has a guide with building instructions and ideas. With all these items, you can be sure your child has everything he or she needs to becoming an expert Lego builder. It has been designed for kids aged 4 and up.

The instructions guide will allow kids to build a house, helicopter and car – and even a dog! The book may be hard to follow for kids though so you will need to help them with it. As with any Lego set, your kid will be limited only by his or her imagination. Although the set has been designed for younger children who have been building Lego Duplos, you can be sure your kid will not grow out of the Ultimate Building set as the pieces can be incorporated into other Lego collections. The box includes 405 standard Lego pieces with house and wheel element, a mini figure, durable plastic storage case and instructions.

Many Lego Ultimate Building Set  customer reports like how the Lego set is ideal for parents who want to bond with their kids. You can help them in building different items with their Lego bricks and encourage them to be more creative. The set has a good price as well considering the items that are included in the package. If your kids want to build items though but would need other types of bricks, you can go to their website and order parts such as plates, bricks and wheels.

It is a great gift for your kids in time for the holidays. If they are new to it, the Lego Ultimate Building Set is also ideal to get them introduced to Lego. You may want to check out online retail stores to find a good deal for it. Many online stores will be going on sale during the holidays so you can get it at a lower price. It will also be more convenient for you as the item will be shipped to your home for free or a minimal fee.