Leupold GX 1 reviews


Leupold GX-1 customer reports


Leupold GX 1 reviews

Whenever you are playing golf and you need to measure the distance of your target, you might need a range finder. Leupold GX-1 rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders available in the market today. Read more in this Leupold GX-1 Review.

What is GX-1? The GX-1 is a vertically-held range finder which can measure distance of your target. You just need to press or hold a button down, and read the measured distance. Its functionality is very simple. The unit sends out laser pulses that bounces off to an object it can bounce on to and return to the unit. Since the speed of light is constant, the GX-1 can determine the distance to an object as soon as light reflects back to the unit.

GX-1 is lightweight weighing only 6.8 ounces, and small measuring only 4″ x 2.75″ x 1.5″. The GX-1 has lot of features like the “PinHunter™” technology which will report the closest distance it measures. This feature ensures that the GX-I can pick out the flag even it is against a background of grass or trees.

Also, GX-1 supports Scan Mode. This will continually update the distance measured as the button is continually pressed. The unit also features the Quick Set Menu which offers change of settings quickly. GX-I can magnify 6 times and includes seven selectable reticles. The optics is multi-coated as to reduce glare and improve accuracy. The stated limits are 750 yards for reflective targets, 600 yards for trees, and 350 yards for a flagstick per flag.

The GX-I is weatherproof so there’s no need to worry about its durability as it can work on rainy or misty day without even showing a sign of wearing off. The exterior shell appears to be made of very sturdy plastic, and the top section is made of a grippy rubber. There is also an included Cordura carry case which clips to your bag, and if you prefer to carry a rangefinder around your neck, there is also an included strap.

The eyepiece is large enough for a great view. Twisting the viewfinder adjusts the focus over quite a large range to suit your eyesight. With glasses or the naked eye, the viewfinder is comfortable to use. The subtle ridges and contours on the GX-I make it comfortable and easy to use.

What’s great about this unit is that the GX-1 allows you to choose from several different aiming reticles such as Plus Point, Diamond with Plus Point, Diamond Plex, Diamond, Duplex with Plus Point, Duplex and Diamond Plex with Plus Point.

The battery life is also exceptional as it can last long. It uses a cylindrical 3-volt “CR2” battery commonly found in small digital cameras which makes it available and easy to acquire.

Leupold GX-1 Range Finder Characteristics and Features

–          3-volt CR2 battery

–          Weatherproof

–          Multi-coated optics

–          7 available aiming renticles: Plus Point, Diamond with Plus Point, Diamond Plex, Diamond, Duplex with Plus Point, Duplex and Diamond Plex with Plus Point

–          Cordura carry case

–          Scan Mode

–          PinHunter™ technology

–          4″ x 2.75″ x 1.5″

–          6.8 ounces

In the Leupold GX-1 customer reports, customers who have bought and used it never failed to be pleased with this rangefinder. They highly and enthusiastically recommend it to those who are searching for a rangefinder.