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LG 50PM9700 reviews

If you have been looking for plasma TV that is made of high quality, this LG 50PM9700 review will provide you with information regarding the different features that can be found in this model, to make it easier for you to choose which one to buy. This is perhaps one of the best appliances produced by LG to date, which will give you more than enough reason to be convinced that this is one thing that you will need for your entertainment room. One thing that has been liked by many of the people who have bought this model is the fact that it is made with elegant design, making it a great addition to an entertainment room. If you are specifically eyeing for sophistication, there is no need to doubt the ability of this TV to be a good investment. There were some, however, who have expressed a little disappointment with the metallic stand of the TV, which has even been compared to fingers of an alien.

In a variety of LG 50PM9700 customer reports, the Magic Remote has been lauded. It allows the users to be engaged in a revolutionary manner of navigating the TV and inputting commands that will make the unit work. It has a point function, wherein all that needs to be done is to simply have the remote pointed on the TV and have it clicked in order to allow the unit to perform the desired action. You can also make simple gestures in order to command the TV or use the wheel that can be found in the remote and make it function just like the mouse that you are using for your computer.

More so, the quality of the images which can be seen on screen should also be highlighted as being superior in this TV. One of the many things that make such possible would be the TruBlack Filter, which blocks the reflection that is caused by internal light. This makes sure of superior contrast, in all lighting conditions. Additionally, the superiority in the image quality of this TV can also be seen from the advanced phosphor, which gives the TV the best ability to reproduce color, in such a way that it can truly enhance one’s viewing experience. This allows the unit to become more accurate in the color that can be seen on its screen, perhaps one of the best among competition. The ability of the unit to deliver up to 600 images per second is also important to be highlighted, basically because it makes sure that you can see every detail, especially in action-packed scenes, such as when viewing sports programs.

The durability of this unit is also highlighted in this LG 50PM9700 review. One of the things that could have made such possible would be the presence of the protective skin glass. This makes the TV durable and safe, while at the same time, making sure of delivering high quality images. With all of these things, among other features that have been highlighted in many LG 50PM9700 customer reports, there is no need to doubt that this product will be a great new member of your entertainment room.