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LG Infinia 47LM6700 reviews Welcome to the future. LG Infinia 47LM6700 high definition television set combines the latest technological findings with affordability in a smart manner. The LG Infinia HDTV LED Plus provides enhanced control of brightness through local dimming systems able to deliver and sustain optimal contrast, stunning clarity and enhanced color detail. With a modern and sleek design, LG Infinia 47LM6700 brings style in the environment you place it allowing the space to become a live entertainment source. Furthermore this HDTV includes TruMotion 120Hz technology that allows you to see sport, video games and also high-speed action without worrying about blurriness of any kind. Having a clear and precise set of images every time you turn on the television set is comforting and LG Infinia delivers this particular reality without any problems.

Your new HDTV will help you keep track of fast-moving entertainment from various programs. This LG Smart TV permits you to access limitless media sources like streaming movies, sports, custom applications, games and many more similar ways of entertain yourself.

Most of the current LG Infinia 47LM6700 reviews underline the enhanced 1080p clarity, maintaining superior picture quality during any program. Within a short period of time you will see the difference, in colours and detailed videos. In addition this HDTV has a strong Energy Star certificate which means: 30% less energy consumption than the other standard models.

LG Infinia comes equipped with the highly acclaimed Intelligent Sensor that automatically optimizes the picture to lighting and color conditions in the respective room for a complete and enjoyable viewing experience. Furthermore a growing number of the LG Infinia 47LM6700 customer reports emphasize on the great ability of the TV to provide a complete and delightful cinematic experience every time you want.

LG Infinia 47LM6700 reviews recommend this HDTV for families that want experience a complete 3D cinematic experience without having to worry about dealing with any problems at all. With the lightweight and carefully designed LG 3D glasses that don’t need batteries you will be able to enjoy all the components of the 3D experience with your friends or family members. The unique 3D LG cinematic experience is powered by the LG Film Patterned Retarder technology that brings to life all the characters and lets them brighten up your visual senses.