Best Rated French Door Refrigerator from LG


2.Liebherr CBS2062 Counter DepthBenefits

The Liebherr CBS2062 is definitely a winner when it comes to being the best fridge with glass shelves.

The Duo Cooling System is a marvel of refrigeration engineering that provides food preservation as well as superior efficiency and performance.

The BioFresh compartments help food retain its healthy nutrients, appearance and aroma.

The refrigerator has two LED light columns that provide ample illumination of contents.

The digital display/controls enable easy use and accuracy.




One of the Liebherr CBS2062 French door refrigerator reviews notes that this model doesn’t have slide-out refrigerator shelves for even more convenience but the temperatures stay steady throughout.


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Benefits Explained

Most certainly the best French door refrigerator from LG, the Liebherr CBS2062 is outfitted with elegant Glass Line shelving supplemented with strong transparent drawers. The interior components of the refrigerator are all scratch resistant, tough and easy to clean. The drawer and shelf components can be removed and dismantled effortlessly to enable more extensive cleaning. This model offers smart ways to store everyday beverages as well as wine. It has extra deep bottle racks, space-smart bottle shelves, plus adjustable bottle holders for keeping taller items firmly secured. This stainless steel unit comes with a Smart Steel finish that is superbly easy to maintain using just a clean dry or damp cloth.

1.Liebherr CBS2062 Counter Depth

The extraordinary Duo Cooling system generates optimal conditions both in the freezer and refrigerator. This lengthens the shelf life of stored items to retain their healthy qualities. Thanks to the separate cooling systems, humidity control and temperature are consistently accurate to prevent food from drying out. In the freezer section, ice-cold dry air circulates. Cool moist air is maintained in the refrigerator section. This revolutionary technology ensures no transfer of unwanted air, food aroma or moisture between the main compartments, thus preserving the texture and flavor of foods for optimum freshness.


The BioFresh compartments enable food to retain its healthy appearance, aroma and nutrients longer. The advanced technology in this model keeps the temperature at just above freezing. This enables you to enjoy healthy foods constantly as well as seasonally. Ideal humidity is ensured in the individually usable drawers, either DrySafes with low or HydroSafes with high humidity. The versatile storage system is perfect for storing a variety of food items such as meat, cheeses, vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables stay fresh since loss of moisture is reduced significantly.


The Liebherr CBS2062 French door refrigerator is equipped with a pair of LED light columns in the compartment liner, which enable you to find what you want using the clear, consistently energy efficient illumination inside.


With its easy-to-read and use digital controls, the Liebherr CBS2062 French door refrigerator ensures that the settings you select stay constant and accurate. The intuitive and awesomely user-friendly console design offers problem-free inputs of your choice of operating settings.



Built to guarantee a healthy lifestyle, the Liebherr CBS2062 French door refrigerator offers various advanced features that make it a great choice for any modern kitchen. The Duo Cooling system, BioFresh compartments and digital controls make the refrigerator more highly reliable than ordinary models on the market. The stainless steel finish ensures durability and resistance to corrosion. Keep your food items constantly fresh by optimizing the smart refrigeration engineering that this model is built with.


Buy from Amazon for ($5499)