Top Rated Top Load Washing Machine from LG


1.LG WT1101 Top Load WasherBenefits

As stated in the LG WT1101 top load washer reviews this machine is designed to be quiet and efficient.

With its extra large capacity and included features, it’s easy to see why this is considered the best top load washing machine from LG.

You will appreciate its durable construction, along with the included manufacturer’s warranty.

Designed to be convenient to use, you will also love how easy it is to clean and maintain.



Some consumers have mentioned that the washer can become easily unbalanced during the wash cycle, but this usually only occurs when heavier articles are mixed with lighter fabrics.


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Benefits Explained

  • One of the benefits associated with this washing machine is its quiet and efficient design. The washer is designed to use less energy when running so you can save money on your monthly utility bills, while still powering out dirt and stains. It is also incredibly quiet when running, and you will appreciate the innovative anti vibration technology. The washer also features a “soft closing” lid.

LG WT1101 Top Load Washer-SPR 10top

  • If you are frequently washing larger loads of laundry, this might be the perfect model for you. The 4.3 cubic foot washer can easily accommodate blankets and heavy bathrobes, along with all of the dirty laundry your family can generate. There are 8 programs to choose from to ensure that delicates can be gently cleaned and tougher stains can be removed. It also features a convenient jet spray setting that is ideal for ground in dirt, along with an energy efficient cold wash function. This top loading washer can also be set to start at a specific time, and you will appreciate being able to choose from 5 temperature settings.


  • This top loading washer is designed to last through years of use, and it also includes a limited warranty on parts and services. The top door is designed to softly close without banging, which helps to prevent the clear glass viewing panel from cracking or breaking. The stainless steel interior is designed to be rust proof and resistant to corrosion, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to wipe clean.


  • Everything about this top load washer is designed to be easy and convenient to use and maintain. The stainless steel construction can be easily wiped free of dirt and smudges, along with the white front and sides. The controls are placed for convenient access, and the one touch buttons are designed to make choosing the right cycle simple and easy. The bright LED screen clearly displays the status, and will alert you if the load is off balanced.


If you frequently find yourself washing large loads of laundry, this might be one the best top load washing machines for you to consider. It is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and has the advantage of the included warranty. The washer is capable of washing large comforters and winter jackets, along with everyday clothes. Quiet and energy efficient, this washing machine might be exactly what you need to keep your clothes clean.


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