Liebherr CS2062 customer reports


Liebherr CS2062 Refrigerator reviews

Refrigerator is a must have in a house since it keeps your food fresh and coolly preserved. But there are some things you have to consider when you are searching for the right refrigerator. It must be efficient, quiet in operation, easy to operate, and durable. These qualities are present in the Liebherr CS2062 Refrigerator.Read this Liebherr CS2062 review to know more about this product.

The Liebherr CS2062 refrigerator is designed with stylish French doors which looks good in any home. Its stainless steel doors have ergonomic slim line and EasyOpen handle system. Inside the refrigerator, there is the elegant GlassLine Shelving that is tough, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Moreover, its glass storage shelves and door racks have a satin finish trim which enhances the streamlined and attractive appearance of the interior. There is also an interior light—LED light column and LED ceiling lighting.

Liebherr CS2062 has a dual refrigeration system which means that it has 2 separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer. It also utilizes a variable speed compressor that is quieter, more energy efficient and provides longer lasting operation. It has an exclusive sealed cooling compartment to save the coldness inside. It also filtrates water(humidity) and air inside.


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This amazing refrigerator has the first compartment have a capacity of 13.5 cu. ft. for large loads and VarioSpace System which allows the flexibility to be configured for the freezer to be able adapt to whatever you are storing. You can also remove a drawer and the shelf underneath it to create extra storage space for large items.

There is also a NoFrost Freezer Compartment which has a capacity of 6 cu. ft. The Liebherr CS2062’s FrostSafe technology is integrated with new air flow system which prevents cold air from escaping when the door is open. It also has a SuperFrost feature that will lower the freezer temp. to -25° for flash freezing. If you need ice for your drink, there is also an Automatic IceMaker.

This refrigerator is an Energy Star compliant. 100% of Liebherr’s refrigeration products are ENERGY STAR qualified. ActiveGreen is a corporate mission to achieve the highest ENERGY STAR ratings, to set the example and encourage other North American manufacturers to be RoHS compliant as Liebherr did in mid-2007 and to have the least damaging effect on the environment.

This Refrigerator ensures comfort in the usage. It is empowered with the SuperQuiet feature to ensure quiet operation. It also features the Intelligence Sensor Technology, door and temperature alarm. precise electronic controls and clearly arranged function keys.

Liebherr CS2062 Refrigerator Characteristics and Features:

–          1st compart ment: Capacity 13.5 cu. ft.

–          2nd compartment (NoFrost Freezer Compartment): Capacity 6 cu. ft.

–          SoftTouch digital display with capacitive switches

–          Intelligence Sensor Technology

–          Water and air filtration

–          ActiveGreen

–          Swingline Design

–          GlassLine Shelving

–          VarioSpace System

–          LED light column

–          LED lighted crisper drawers

–          Stainless steel doors with ergonomic slim line EasyOpen handle system

–          Adjustable roller base

–          New PowerCooling

–          Gallon storage in both doors

–          FrostSafe technology

–          SuperFrost

–          Automatic IceMaker

According to the Liebherr CS2062 customer reports, the customers found this refrigerator amazing and quite impressive. They regard this as one of the most amazing refrigerator they ever seen.


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