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Lionel Polar Express reviewsThe toy trains are considered as most interesting gift for the kids on different occasions such as birthdays, Easter, Christmas etc. and Lionel Polar Express train is well-recognized in all over the world because of its great design and sturdy body which is appropriate for the children of almost all ages. In this Lionel Polar Express Review we will talk about all the features of this outstanding toy train one by one. So, first of all let us take a look at its locomotion. The engines of this train run on the six cell batteries which you have to load into the tender. A good thing is that the train also supports nine volt rechargeable batteries. These batteries can provide run time up to seven hours which is definitely a great upshot.

On the top of the engine, there is a power button that that starts its different stagnating noises and it also powers up the engine of the train. You can also turn on the remote and start operating your train right from here. Though, unluckily there is no turn off button in order to shut off the power of the train. If you want to turn off the power of train then you simply have to wait for the ten minutes while the engine automatically shuts off or you can also pull the power cord of the tender. The engine of Lionel Polar Express has the potential to produce too many realistic sounds of the train.

The entire set comes up with an observation car, a coach and two passenger cars. The cars which are set on the O version of this train are very light but this is not same in this case. Without any doubt, this minute modification has greatly affected overall effect of the train in a very good way. The observation car of this set of Lionel has a disappearing hobo which provides a little but neat detail to the set. The remote control of Lionel Polar Express runs on two AA batteries. Its remote can perform several functions including whistling, bell sound, reverse, and forward. The remote is well designed for the children, as all of its buttons are easy to reach.

The biggest plus point of this train is its reasonable price but according to various Lionel Polar Express customer reports, if you want to experience a true Polar Express set then its O scale set will be a better option for you. While on the other hand, the plastic track which not manufactured with a good material is hard to connect for the children and it is also not very stable which is the biggest con of this set. The weight of the cars is also too much which needs to be lighted.