Most Reliable Plug Remover from Lisle


1. Lisle (LIS65600) Broken Spark Plug RemoverBenefits

According to the Lisle LIS65600 broken spark plug remover reviews this tool is designed to be easy to use on Triton engines that have 3 valves per cylinder.

It is designed to easily remove the porcelain piece, and is often considered the best plug remover for Ford Triton.

You have the advantage of two tools included in this kit, along with a convenient storage case.

Often considered the best plug remover from Lisle you will appreciate its durable construction.



It should be noted that this broken spark plug remover is only compatible with Ford Triton engines that were manufactured from 2004 to the present, and cannot be used on other motors.


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Benefits Explained

  • While the newer Ford Triton engines might be capable of more power and the 3 valve per cylinder design does improve performance, trying to change a broken spark plug can be almost impossible to do by yourself without the right tool. This innovative spark plug remover is specifically designed to work on these high performance engines, and the included manual will carefully walk you through each of the steps to ensure the broken piece is completely removed.

2. Lisle (LIS65600) Broken Spark Plug Remover

  • You will appreciate how easy it is to use, even if you have never changed a spark plug before. The pusher will carefully move the broken piece of ceramic down without causing any additional damage, and the included sleeve threads easily onto the tip of the plug. Once the broken plug has been pulled out, you are ready to replace it and get back on the road.


  • This convenient kit includes everything you need to remove a broken spark plug from a Ford Triton engine so you can avoid an expensive repair bill. The kit actually contains 2 tools which are designed to push the porcelain to the end and remove the broken plug. The washer and nut are included so you can easily thread the sleeve onto the tip of the spark plug, and you will also appreciate the convenient storage case that fits easily in your toolbox.


  • This spark plug remover features a durable construction that is designed to last for years of use. The aluminum sleeve is designed to be lightweight and durable, along with the CNC manufactured pusher. The threads are clearly defined, and this tool is also designed to be easy to clean and maintain. A little bit of oil will prevent the aluminum from rusting, and any shavings left over can be easily removed with a shop vac.


If your vehicle has a Ford Triton engine that was manufactured after 2004 this is a tool you will want to have in your garage. It is more affordable than an expensive trip to the mechanic, and this spark plug remover is also designed to be easy to use. With plenty of “how to” videos on YouTube and the included instructional manual you will be able to change out all of your broken spark plugs without having to pay a visit to your mechanic.


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