Livescribe 2 GB Pulse reviews


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Livescribe 2 GB Pulse reviews

In this Livescribe 2GB Pulse review, you will be provided with information regarding the different things that can be done by this pen. This is perfect product to purchase for those people who are looking for a revolutionary product, with functions that were previously unconceivable. At first look, you might think that this product is just an ordinary pen, similar to other pens that can be seen in the market. In reality, however, it is more than just a pen. It has the ability to record all the notes that have been written with its use, along with the notepad that comes along with the product. Not only that, it will not just store your doodles, it can also store audio inputs. This is a perfect product to buy for people who frequently attend business meetings, or for students who always take down notes during their class lectures. In many Livescribe 2GB Pulse customer reports, it has been noted that its main capability that has been liked by many of its users is the fact that it can keep the notes and audio stored in it in sync. You simply need to have the nib on the pulse pen in any part of the notes that you have taken, and then the device will have it automatically translated into audio. Magic? Well, not really. While this function may have appeared to be an impossible thing to accomplish before, it is now possible, but that is only if you own a product that is as revolutionary as this one.


Although the pen looks chunky when you first see it, it is surprising that it is very comfortable to use, like it was fitted in your hand. It is a good thing that it is very comfortable. Students will have not to worry about writing long notes because they will not experience any significant discomfort with the use of this device. In fact, there were many people who have noted that they did not experience any feeling of being uncomfortable with its use, even after hours of writing. However, if there is one thing that is not good with the pen, it would be the fact that the nib is not retractable.

This Livescribe 2GB Pulse review will highlight some of the most common comments of the people who have already tried using this innovative pen. Many have thanked this pen because it has helped them to be very organized, especially for the students who have to rely on their notes in order to pass in their respective classes.

There were also many who liked the fact that it is very easy to use and that it functions perfectly with the accompanying software. There were minor problems that were addressed. However, they were not significant. In fact, even in spite of such limitations, many have still expressed their overall satisfaction in this device, and a proof to that is the high rating that has been given to this device based on various Livescribe 2GB Pulse customer reports.