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Livescribe Echo reviewsHaving a smartpen is a cool way of taking notes and you might be swooning to get a hold on one. If you’re considering the price, LiveScribe Echo is a great product available in a premium price. It is the weapon of people who take, review, and share handwritten notes as it incorporates recording to an innovative way of note taking. Read this Livescribe Echo Review and you might not take your attention away from this truly amazing smartpen.

The Livescribe Echo is a great product for people who take notes often like journalists, students and recruiters who regularly record interviews and take notes simultaneously. Rather than using your bulkier laptops in class, this smartpen is a lot smaller and easier to use and bring.

Livescribe Echo is a combination of ballpoint pen and voice recorder that can preserve digital copies of notes and recordings. The recordings can be replayed, saved to your computer, and be shared with others. It is available in different memory storage capacity—2 GB, 4GB and 8GB.

How does this pen work? There are three main elements to the Echo—a ballpoint pen, an infrared camera concealed inside the tip, and a microphone integrated into the pen barrel. The infrared camera is what does the work of turning your notes into a soft copy which you can store in your computer and share with other people. Along with the notes, the recordings are also saved directly to the pen’s internal memory and can be replayed through the pen’s built-in speaker or transferred to any Mac or PC using the free Livescribe desktop software.

But there are some things that make this pen different from the ordinary. LiveScribe smartpens uses the special “dot paper” that is required for the pen to capture your handwriting. The “dot paper” is available in the form of 50-sheet spiral notebook which is already included in the package. The additional notebooks are also available for sale. Also, to fit an OLED screen, speaker, microphone, memory, and other electronic components into the reasonably-sized, 6-inch-long pen, Livescribe uses ink cartridge refills that are shorter than usual. Two ink refills come included, and five-packs can be obtained by buying spares.

The Echo uses an internal rechargeable battery which will require regular recharging. To save battery, audio recordings are adjustable from low, medium, and high. Microphone sensitivity is also adjustable, with settings for room, hall, and automatic.

Echo smartpen has a lot of useful features such as the Paper Replay. It works by tapping first the record icon in your dot paper notebook, write down a few bullet points, and then perform an instant replay of the meeting by tapping your notes with the pen. Each note you tap causes the pen to play back an audio recording of exactly what was being spoken when the note was made.

The Echo will also associate your new notes to the playback position of your old audio and if you fill up a notebook page and turn to a new one, the Echo recognizes the new page and notes it as a separate file in its memory.

USB Cable is needed to transfer the files from the smartpen. Once files have been copied from the pen to your computer over the included USB cable, you can view your notes as animations with synchronized audio. Notes can be exported from the Livescribe desktop software as audio, PDF, or a .pencast file, which combines both audio and video.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen Specifics and Features:

–          Available in different memory storage capacity—2 GB, 4GB and 8GB

–          Adjustable microphone sensitivity: room, hall, and automatic

–          Adjustable audio recordings: low, medium, and high

–          Paper Replay

–          Uses USB cable to transfer data

–          Uses internal rechargeable battery

–          built-in speaker

–          requires “dot paper”

According to the Livescribe Echo customer reports, the users were astonished when they started to use this smartpen as it makes note taking a lot easier and faster. It is also told that you would not need to trouble yourself by not taking the small details to take the major parts because the smart pen does that job for you.