Livescribe 1 GB Pulse reviews

LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen customer reports


Livescribe 1 GB Pulse reviewsIf you think taking notes is not techy with the laptops and PDAs to help in school works, then you’re wrong. LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen is an innovative technology that will help you appreciate taking notes. Read further this Livescribe 1 GB Pulse Review.

LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen is an electronic pen that helps to write notes and as you write, the pen will record your strokes along with audio. The pen stores these audio files and the notes on the notebook. It enables the user to go back to the handwritten notes in soft copy. It also enables the user to listen to the audio by tapping on a word that was written to hear what was being said as you were writing that word. Moreover, LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen  also enables you to upload your note taking sessions to your computer for archival and searching purposes.

The Pulse Smartpen looks like a regular ballpoint pen and from the side it looks like a fountain pen but you’ll be surprised of its features. The body of the pen is made of aluminum but the top side has the power button, dual microphones, a speaker and a small OLED display. On the underside of the pen, the contacts for charging with the included USB dock can be found. There is an included dock which is a small plastic stand that has a magnetic connector built into its base. It enables you to connect the pen to the computer and to charge the pen.

There’s an Infrared camera lens on the behind the ballpoint tip of the pen. This camera records everything that is written or drawn. There’s also a 2.5mm audio jack in the pen for a set of ear buds which will allow the user to listen to recorded sessions in privacy and will also record audio with their built in microphones.

There’s also a notebook along with the package. Any ordinary notebooks will not work at the bottom of every page in the notebooks and journals are tools for recording the note taking session. Additional notebooks and even Moleskine style journals can be purchased directly from the Livescribe. You can also print your own paper. Also, the inside covers of the notebooks and journals have several ‘tools’ that can be accessed by tapping the tip of the pen on the paper ‘buttons’. There are tools to show the time, date and battery status. There is also a calculator and keyboard.

LiveScribe 1GB Pulse Smartpen Specifics and Features:

–          Processor: Samsung ARM 9 (32-bit, 150 MHz)

–          Screen: 96×18 OLED Display

–          Storage: 1GB NAND (over 100 hours recording time)

–          Battery: 300 mAH rechargeable lithium (non-removable)

–          Audio jack: (2.5mm)

–          Size: 6.1 x 0.55 inches

–          Weight : 36 Grams

–          Package Contents: Pulse Smartpen, Smartpen sync / charge dock, Carrying case, Earphones, 100 page spiral notebook, 3 ink refills, 1 stylus tip, Neck cord, Quick start guide

According to the Livescribe 1 GB Pulse customer reports, the users have found this pen really amazing and they could not think of taking notes without this pen. This pen, for them makes the note-taking and reviewing a lot easier.