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Lodge Color Square reviewsIf you are looking for a cheaper Dutch oven, then you came to the right page. In this article, we will discuss one Dutch oven that cooks as well as its European counterpart without the hefty price tag. What people love about Dutch ovens is its high cooking performance and classic look, however not everyone can afford purchasing one as the European brands are not exactly cheap. Good thing today, there are brands that venture out in making Dutch ovens with mid range prices. One cheaper Dutch oven that you may want to consider is the Lodge Color Square. In this article, we will give you a brief Lodge Color Square review and look upon its features and specifications so you can have an idea whether this Dutch oven model is actually a good alternative of those expensive European Dutch ovens. With this, we hope to help you complete your kitchen dreams.

The Lodge Color Square is actually a very versatile cook ware as you marinate, braise, sauté, simmer, and bake in it. More so, it can be used for the cooking. Since it does not absorb flavour or odours, this is a perfect choice for marinating. Its versatility does not end with its use, but it extends to the manner of cooking you plan to do. The Lodge Color Square can be used on gas, electric, ceramic, and induction cooktops. It can also be used for oven cooking. However, it is not advisable for outdoor grills, or any open flame cooking, and not for use in microwaves.

With regards to its cooking performance, the Lodge Color Square is very good in retaining heat and evenly distributing it throughout the whole cookware. This ensures that the food is cooked excellently and quicker, with no part left uncooked or overcooked. Added to that, since it is superior on retaining heat, the energy needed to cook the food is reduced, which translates to savings for you. On the other hand, cleaning the Lodge Color Square is also very easy. It is dishwasher safe, though hand washing with warm soapy water is highly recommended as this helps preserve the natural look and finish of Lodge Color Square.

All in all, because of its versatility, cooking performance, and classic look, the Lodge Color Square is a cookware that you would definitely want to add to your kitchen. It can retain and distribute heat evenly, so you can sure that the food is cooked excellently. As it is good in heat retention, it is also very economical since less energy is needed for the food to be cooked. Basing from many Lodge Color Square customer reports, users are very happy with this cookware. It is high performing, and it does not hurt that it is so attractive when served. With all these, it is not shocking why a lot of users give Lodge Color Square high ratings.