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Lodge Signature Seasoned reviews

Food and cooking enthusiasts would definitely want to have the Lodge Signature Seasoned cast-iron grill pan at home. It combines the beauty of stainless with the rustic durability of cast iron. Here’s a Lodge Signature Seasoned review to learn more about its features.

For over 100 years, Lodge has been perfecting the process of making cast-iron cooking pans. The brand is dedicated in creating the right metal chemistry, exacting mold tolerances for castings and developing the perfect wall construction for even heating and cooking. Lodge is taking things to the next level with the new Lodge Signature Series , a 12 x 2 ½ inch pre-seasoned cast-ironed grill pan. It features riveted, cool-touch stainless steel for primary and assist handle. Ribs on the bottom of the pan drain grease for low-fat cooking.

Lodge, an American-based company, has been dedicated to fine-tuning its construction of cast-iron cookware. Cast-iron is perhaps the best metal when it comes to durability and heat retention. Lodge has added a new component – stainless steel. The Signature Series has a beautiful, contemporary look which will suit any kitchen. Stainless steel handles are riveted to the cast-iron body for strength. Rust will not become an issue as silicone gaskets are specially designed around the rivets. Every Signature Series pan is foundry seasoned and can be used right out of the box.

What many Lodge Signature Seasoned customer reports like about it is its design which is similar to the previous Signature Series pans. The 12-inch Signature Series skillet actually won the 2008 Fifth Annual Housewares Design Award. The cast-iron grill pan’s gleaming stainless steel primary handle and loop-style assist handle provide a touch of class to the cast-iron. As all cooking enthusiasts know though, it’s not all about design but more about performance. The grill pan drains grease for low-fat cooking and creates beautiful sear lines on steaks, hamburgers and sausages. Its 2 ½ inch sides also keep juices from splattering providing you with a more comfortable cooking experience. The pre-seasoned finish also helps prevent food from sticking and rust from forming.

It is easy to maintain your Lodge Cast-Iron Grill Pan. Simply scrub the pan by hand after use with a stiff brush under hot water and dry it immediately. You can clean the handles with stainless steel cleaner if the handles discolour due to oven use or over-heating.

There are many great American chefs who included Lodge cast-iron grill pan in their top ten most essential kitchen tools. This only means that the Lodge cast-iron is better than other expensive stainless steel or aluminum cookware. It is one of the best when it comes to even heating, heat retention, versatility, value and durability.