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Logitech G500 reviewsLogitech is a brand that many consumers prefer when it comes to computer and laptop accessories. The new Logitech G500 may be the ideal mouse for you if you are looking for a new one. Read this Logitech G500 review to learn more about its new design and features.

The Logitech G500 has all the same features that experts love about its predecessor, the G5 Laser Mouse, such as the dual-mode scroll wheel, onboard memory which stores custom profiles and the high sensor DPI maximum. The Logitech has kept the basic MX500 silhouette on the G500. There have also been some minor tweaks with the G500 to make it feel a bit more symmetrical. It has a wider but less pronounced thumb groove so that it flows more smoothly into its body. There are some who might feel that the sides are like rubberized sandpaper but they will easily get used to it.

The laser engine inside the Logitech G500 pushes 5700dpi or exactly 100dpi more than Razer’s latest laser engine. Both Logitech and Razer has the same speed when it comes to its system at 1000Hz. The G500’s tracking and accuracy is exceptional both on wood desks or cloth pads.

Its downside is that Microsoft’s competing mouse offers a different set of compelling features and is also within the same price range. There are a lot to like about Logitech’s new gaming mouse but Microsoft’s mouse will provide consumers with a good option. The G500 will perhaps appeal more to performance-driven shooter fans but PC gamers can go either way.

All of its new features make it the choice of technology experts and enthusiasts. As mentioned above, the shooter fan and twitcher gamers will most probably go for the Logitech G500. This is because most players of games such as Sims and other games where reflexes are not as important, 500MHz would be good enough. Since Logitech is at 1000MHz, this would be better than necessary. However, Microsoft makes their mouse more appealing with its wireless, cable-based USB charging which means there will be no downtime during recharges. Microsoft’s mouse also features on-the-fly macro recording and Microsoft’s proprietary BlueTrack sensor that allows you to use the mouse on almost any surface except transparent or mirrored glass.

It is a great item to have for the holidays. You may want to check out online technology stores to get a good deal for it. The holidays are just around the corner so many online stores will be having sales. You may want to order it online and have it shipped to friends or families’ home if you want to surprise them with this new product from Logitech. Most online stores ship for free or a minimal fee.