Logitech G930 headset reviews


Logitech G930 customer reports


 Logitech G930 reviewsLogitech has always been at the forefront in producing excellent gaming and computer accessories, following their successful stint with the Logitech G35, the new Logitech G930 just adds a feather in the cap of this super accessories producing company. The G930 is a very good wireless headset with a 7.1 surround sound and uses a USB transmitter to communicate wirelessly. Logitech G930 review suggests that the company has made significant improvements, the weight has been reduced a lot from the G35 model. The design is pretty much similar to the earlier version from Logitech, larger ear cups can completely isolate the external noise and are efficient in blocking the sound. This gives a very good ambience and clarity to hear the music seamlessly. The headphones are excellent for use even for long sessions and don’t hurt a lot to the ears. The headband is pretty solid and durable as the material used is light and doesn’t weigh too much. The bottom of the G930 headphone is comprised of memory foam and gives extra comfort when the consumer wears. The extending range is also good so the headphones can be worn safely in a variety of positions.

According to the technical part of the Logitech G930 review, the ear cups now have the ability to rotate a full 180 degree which is a large improvement over the earlier version. This enables the users to turn the earphones around in a very good manner and adds to the flexibility. The users who have used these for gaming are giving very positive feedback regarding the realtime performance of the headsets; there is no jitter, no delay and no sort of fluctuations in the sound which is very important for hardcore gaming. The Logitech G930 customer reports also mentions the performance parameters of these headsets to be at par with the finest quality and precision with great timing.

There are 3 programmable buttons on the left side which are the default for mute, volume and a Dolby switch. There are also the flagship g keys featured in the other headsets from Logitech which help to quickly access the application and the users can adjust the functions what each key does through the control panel. The click feel of the volume control is also a nice feature according to the Logitech G930 customer reports.

The noise cancelling flexible mic is also a great improvement over the previous versions as it allows the real time communication took take place without any distortion. This is a feature that many of the programmers have really appreciated about the headset. Over and above all these, the best thing about the headset is its great design and simple working which many of the Logitech G390 Customer reports have repeatedly mentioned. If you are a casual gamer or do a lot of video chat, then this one’s a must buy for you.