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Makita LXDT01Z reviewsFor people who are into doing small constructions and home repairs by themselves, it is just right to invest on tools that can help you do your tasks faster and easier. One tool that you may be interested in getting is the brushless impact driver, which is very useful and practical for various fastening applications. If this tool is exactly what you need or is searching for, you may want to check out. Makita LXDT01Z. This particular impact driver tool claims to offer powerful performance on fastening jobs, providing nothing less than precise fastening control. In this Makita LXDT01Z review, we will give you a more in depth look of this tool by laying down all its important features and specification. With this, we hope to help you decide whether Makita LXDT01Z is a perfect choice for you.

The Makita LXDT01Z features a powerful max torque, coming in with a brushless motor of 1,460 in. Lbs., that can handle and go through even the toughest and harshest fastening applications. With this, you can finish most tasks in no time and with no much effort. You can easily finish tasks as it presents no trouble to go through varying applications. Added to that, its brush motor technology also provides 20% longer battery life every time you charge, ensuring its users of increased motor efficiency in every use. Furthermore, Makita LXDT01Z also features three speed power options of 0-1,300, 0-2,000, 0-2,600 RPM and 0-1,300, 0-2,800, 0-3,400 IPM. With this, you enjoy a rather precise fastening control as you can select the speed power that is most appropriate to your task. This impact driver toll also has a built battery warning light and an LED that flashes when your tool is low on battery. This may seem a little feature, but it is a great add on nonetheless. This lets its users know if the impact driver needs charging or not. With this, you won’t have to guess and worry if the tool has battery or not.

All in all, as seen from various Makita LXDT01Z customer reports, we can say that this impact driver offers a great deal. It has great features that are very much useful and helpful for small construction and home repairs. Its power motor performs well enough to handle variety of fastening applications. Added to that, it is also lightweight so it is very easy to carry around and use even during extended hours of work. People attested that they rarely feel any cramps when using this particular impact driver, even if they carry and use it for long hours. Makita LXDT01Z is also very well built and constructed, looking to last anyone for a long time. Though, you have to keep in mind that anything that is used tremendously will have shorter usage life. It is also very easy to operate and maintain. Overall, if you have not yet made your mind of what impact driver to get, definitely, Makita LXDT01Z is worth checking out.