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Makita LXT601 reviewsIf you are one of those people who are looking for a complete solution in the form of combo kit then you will definitely want to read Makita LXT601 Cordless Combo kit review because it would basically reveal the solution to all your problems in the form of different power tools that are part of this combo. It has a wide range of power tools which includes angle grinder, driver-drill, circular saw, impact driver and reciprocating saw. The best part is that it also has flashlight which could come in very handy in the dark places or where you need extra light. The objective of this article is to shed light on different aspects keeping in view of the Makita LXT601 customer reports.
Talking about some of the tools that come with the combo, circular saw is 6.5 inches and weighs less than seven pounds. It is quite effective in terms of cutting as it offers variety of cutting capacities. The next item in the combo kit is Angle grinder. In terms of specifications, it offers ten thousand RPM.

More importantly, it has other handy features as well which makes it a very useful tool and gives you a lot of flexibility regardless of your working conditions. One of the best features is overload protection which alerts you with warning lights.

The next item in the Makita LXT601 Cordless Combo kit review is Impact driver. It has the ability of providing torque up to 1330 inch pounds and also comes with a fully integrated flash light that comes in very handy when you need extra light. More importantly, this tool has an electric brake which enables this equipment to stop immediately whenever you want without any lag. It also means low possibility of kickbacks which are quite normal in case of other conventional impact drivers.

The next item in the combo is reciprocating saw which is a commonly used tool by the professionals and contractors. In terms of speed, the highest it can offer is twenty nine thousand SPM. One of the advantages which this tool enjoys over its competitors’ is that you do not need to have any other additional tool for changing blade or for adjusting shoe. Lastly, the combo also contains a flashlight which basically has a xenon bulb. It certainly is effective in dark places and more importantly it is quite long lasting. More specifically, it can last more than four hours which is quite exception if we compare this with that of competitors’ offerings.

In conclusion, Makita LXT601 customer reports show that the combo is quite effective in performing a variety of tasks. In short, this combo kit is a requirement of every professional since it has all the power tools which you commonly need.