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Marcato Atlas Wellness reviews

This Marcato Atlas Wellness review has put forward many pasta makers along with the pasta maker attachments available in the market. This pasta maker is easy to use and provides the ease to use in the kitchen. This makes that fresh and handmade beautiful pasta in the kitchen and fills the colors in the kitchen and the holidays. This can help in making those perfect raviolis and cavatelli in the home and give you that awesome taste.

The pasta maker is very durable and does not corrode and makes the making and rolling of pasta very easy. The Marcato Atlas Wellness review tells us that Wellness 150 is the most popular model in this series of pasta maker. A reason for it being so popular is that it is very easy to use and durable which is provided in a very reasonable price.

This Marcato Atlas Wellness is the original pasta maker in the series and has the dimensions to fit any standard counter thickness with the help of a clamp that can open to a maximum of 2.25”. The pasta maker is very easy to use and has a crank that is used to roll the dough and cut the pasta, it can be used by removing the handle from the rolling position and move it to the cutting position. There are 9 settings provided to choose the thickness levels from for rolling out your dough, you can change the thickness level by turning the dial which is located on the side of the machine.

There are many specifications in the Marcato Atlas Wellness which are given below:

The pasta maker has the stainless steel body which is plated with chromium and the rollers are plated with nickel. The components are so made that they resist the corrosion.  It has the adjustable nine positions that helps to control how thick the dough is going to be. The dimensions of the pasta maker are eight by eight inches while being 7 inches in depth and have the weight of 6.7 pounds. The pasta maker comes with the wide and narrow cutters.

The Pasta Machine is also available with the motor set so that you can make the fresh organic pasta in the kitchen. The addition of the machine eases the pasta making and speeds up the process of making the pasta. The machine in the pasta maker makes it possible to make beautiful pasta without the need of the helper.

The Marcato Atlas Wellness customer reports shows that the pasta maker is very popular among the users since it provides the customers with the ease in the pasta making process. The price of the pasta maker is also very reasonable and that is the best feature of the Atlas Pasta machine.