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Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker- SPR 10topBenefits

As stated in the Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog smoker reviews you have plenty of internal cooking space.

Considered the best electric smoker from Masterbuilt, you will appreciate how easy it is to keep it at the perfect temperature.

It features a durable construction that is designed for years of use.

Designed to be easy to clean and maintain, it’s not hard to see why this is one of the best electric smokers.



Some consumers have mentioned that the heating element can burn out on this smoker, but this is not a common occurrence and most parts are covered by the limited warranty.


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Benefits Explained

  • One of the advantages of this electric smoker is its roomy interior. You have 547.8 square inches of cooking space which is large enough for slabs of ribs and whole chickens, and there are three racks which let you smoke a variety of foods at the same time. You also have the advantage of being able to remove the racks when needed so you can create more cooking space for larger items.

1.Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker

  • This electric smoker is designed to quickly reach the desired temperature and to evenly cook all of your food. The walls are double insulated to prevent heat from escaping, and the convenient gauge in the door lets you keep an eye on the temperature. The smoker is capable of evenly cooking food without burning or drying it out, and with a temperature range of 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit you can smoke everything from cheese, veggies, meats, fish and more.


  • Standing 30 inches tall this smoker is designed to be long lasting and easy to use. The lid props open to let excess smoke escape, and the sturdy construction will last for years. There are four angled legs to provide additional support and stability, and the built in thermostat is designed to provide accurate readings. With chrome covered racks that are resistant to rust and corrosion, it’s not hard to see why this smoker is a consumer favorite.


  • You will appreciate how easy this smoker is to clean, especially after a long day cooking. The chrome coated racks are easy to wipe clean, and you will appreciate the removable drip tray. This lets you add juices to the meat as it is cooking, while also making it easy to wipe the tray clean. The water pan can also be removed when needed, and you will love how easy it is to add chips to the front loading wood tray.


There is very little not to like about this electric smoker, including its affordable price. It is designed to be easy to use, and beginners will appreciate the included manual that is filled with helpful tips. It also features a durable construction, along with plenty of interior cooking space. It is easy to keep a consistent temperature with the dual insulation and conveniently placed thermometer. You can enjoy delicious tender and juicy smoked foods without all of the hard work with this electric smoker.


Buy from Amazon for ($212.53)