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Maytag CWE5800ACS customer reports


Maytag CWE5800ACS reviewsIs it a small oven you’re looking for but you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of cooking? Electric Double Wall Oven is the answer to your search. What’s more is that it is empowered with Precision Cooking System. If you’re interested to know more, then read more about it in this Maytag CWE5800ACS Review.

Maytag CWE5800ACS is a dependable double wall oven that is a mere 24 inches wide. This means a big performance can be fitted into a small space. It would not be a hassle finding somewhere to place it especially if you have a small space for appliances. The CWE5800ACS is a wonderful oven that has a lot of features in its fairly small stature. You can cook 2 dishes in this oven..



The self-cleaning upper oven offers 2.6 cu. ft. of capacity, while the lower oven provides 2.2 cu ft. The upper oven automatically cleans according to a pre-programmed cycle that allows you to match the cleaning level to the amount of food buildup in the oven.

This oven features Dual Bake™ control/broil elements wherein cooking system preheats the oven to exactly the right temperature and maintains consistently even temperatures for better baking and broiling results. The oven’s Precision Cooking™ system provides even cooking throughout the oven. With these features, the food you’re cooking will be cooked evenly.

The operation is also quiet so it won’t produce those annoying noises most ovens have. This oven is also very durable as it made from strong and high quality materials.

Also, with a 2 rack oven, you’ll be able to save money because you’ll be able to cook 2 dishes in one cooking.

Maytag CWE5800ACS Electric Double Wall Oven with Precision Cooking System Specifics and Features

Product Specifications

–          Capacity: 2.8 Upper 2.4 Lower cu ft

–          Fuel Type: Electric

–          Dual Bake™ control/broil elements

–          Precision Cooking™ system

–          Oven Configuration: Double Oven

–          Cooking System: Standard Thermal (Both)

–          Number of Standard Racks: 2 Upper / 1 Lower

–          Number of Oven Rack Guides : 2 (Lower)

–          Cleaning System: Standard Clean (Both)

–          Clock: Upper / Lower

–          Control Lockout: Upper

–          Cook and Hold: Upper

–          Oven Control Type: LCC (Both)

–          Delay Start: Upper

–          Handle Color: Color Coordinated

–          Oven Light Type: Incandescent

–          Oven Window: Large (Both)

–          Depth: 27 ¼ inches

–          Height: 46 5/16 inches

–          Cutout Width (in): 22 3/8

–          Cutout Height (in): 45 3/8

–          Width: 23 7/8

–          Cutout Depth Min (in): 24

According to the Maytag CWE5800ACS customer reports, the durability and the cooking performance has truly amazed the customers. Also they also loved the energy savings and convenience that they observed in using the oven.