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Meade NG-70SM customer reports


Meade NG-70SM reviewsThis Meade NG-70SM review is about a refractor telescope which is provided with slow motion controls for the accurate tracking. The low power of about 25mm eyepiece provides you with the magnification of about 28x which lets you view the moon and the other craters quite easily. The 9mm piece provides you with a magnification of 78x and could be used to view the deep sky objects clearly. The Meade NG-70SM gives you an aperture of 70mm.

The Atazimuth mount in this Meade NG-70SM is very light and easy to use when compared to equatorial mount, the knobs for slow motion lets you view the objects clearly. Due to the rotation of earth the objects may appear blurred but this high power piece keeps the view clear. The focusing of this telescope can be a little difficult as it is very sensitive to vibration. It is very easy to assemble and comes with the instructional DVD, it also includes a Lunar atlas and has the planetarium software and can easily add the eyepieces to get the better view of the distant planets.

There are different features and specifications in this Meade NG-70SM review which are given below:

The dimensions of this Refractor Telescope are 29 x 11.8 x 5 inches and the weight of the product is 9.8 pounds. However the shipping weight of the product is 11 pounds. The other feature it has is that the Refracting Telescope is Perfect for Land Sky Viewing. It has Slow Motion Controls on both Axes. It can Find & Track Objects with Precision Controls.  The Refractor Telescope Includes a Red Dot Projection Viewfinder. It is has a Heavy Duty Steel Tube Tripod that Provides a Rock Solid Platform.

The Meade NG-70SM customer reports show that it has received many positive responses from the customers and the experts giving satisfaction of product quality and features. The image quality of the Refractor Telescope is excellent and it provides you with ease to use and the affordability. The slow motion knobs are a big attraction since the constant rotation shakes the focus but these knobs keeps the focus and keeps the tracking navigating of deep sky objects in focus. The assembling of this telescope is very easy and you can easily move this telescope around since it is very light in weight  the image is so clear that the users have spotted the craters of the moon and the circles around Saturn and Jupiter’s moons with it and have  the very clear image.

However the problems that arouse from the users reviews are that it is not vibration resistant and you can lose the target with the slightest of the vibration. However it is a good product for the beginners who are interested in astronomy.