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Medal of Honor Warfighter reviewsThe new Medal of Honor Warfighter would be of interest to gamers particularly those who are into action games. It is not like other games as it has a different story. Read this Medal of Honor Warfighter to learn more about it.

The Medal of Honor Warfighter review provides you with a real impression of what it’s like to be a Tier 1 operator. When you play the game, you will understand how much respect the developer Danger Close has for the skills and bravery of soldiers.

The game is challenging as it is out of your hands and removes the satisfaction of making a difference or any impact on the world. The doors won’t open until allies let you through, suspects conveniently wait for when you fall behind, choppers finish the job that you couldn’t, airstrikes level building in your way and a two-minute mission can usually be finished with a single shot that would be impossible for you to miss. Nonetheless, the weapons feel great and the firefights are on par with the Frostbite Engine-powered games. It feels as good as it looks.

Many Medal of Honor Warfighter customer reports like its impressive attention to detail and this gives Battlefield 3 a run for its money. Its missions have been designed to be of service to its goal, not its players. This is why the game throws you into situations that seem as if it has been on the headlines. It can be hard to connect the dots as well as the timeline follows no order and its flashbacks are within flashbacks. The situation jumps from one situation or country to the next without a particular timeline. The story revolves around the dissolution and rebuilding of an operator’s family though the characters and in-game events don’t seem to fit in well.

Many gaming enthusiasts are impressed with its visuals and high production values. However, some of them think you might be left disappointed with the game after spending a lot of time playing it. The Warfighter is a functional shooter that is built on design ideas though some technical problems might make it seem mediocre.

It would still be a good gift for gamers in time for the holidays. They would be interested in playing and finishing it. You may want to check out online retail stores to find a good deal for it. Many online stores will be going on sale in time for the holidays so you may get it at a lower price. It will also be more convenient for you as the item will be shipped to your home for free or a minimal fee. It can be shipped within the day or after a few days upon ordering it online.