Mega Bloks Play'n Go reviews


Mega Bloks Play’n Go Table customer reports


Mega Bloks Play'n Go table reviewsThis Mega Bloks Play’n Go table review is about the blocks that children use to create the structure with. These blocks are designed with the table keeping in mind if the child wants to pick up the table and move elsewhere it can be very easy. There toys in this table for the kids ranging from to 2 years. This building set encourages the child to use his imagination hence having the creativity, and they can do this by carrying the table very easily from one place to another and they can keep the room clean by putting the blocks back inside the table.

This Mega Bloks Play’n Go table review shows that the child will develop fine-motor skills and hands-to-eye coordination as they play with the blocks. The blocks are designed big so that the children can have better grip on the blocks. The child can use the different shapes of blocks to build different structures hence creating advance problem solving skills and use the blocks to create new objects that they have envisioned in their minds. The colors of the blocks are very bright and this attracts the child and the different size makes the child use his perception of creating a structure by his vision. Once their structure is made the children can make stories and have a good time while being absorbed in their own imaginative world having a really good time.

The play table can be folded for the easy carrying by the children. There is gear in the center that turns to lock the plates in the place and this keeps the blocks from falling out. There is a road molded on the table and it is best for the fun loving toy vehicles around. There are four legs for the table to stand on and the surface of the table can be used for the storage and for the table. There are handles on the two sides of the table to help in carrying the table.

The top of the table is formed of four plates which have the studs which can attach and which together also form a round track around which an included plastic car can be pushed. There is storage compartment is under the plates which can hold the building pieces. The children can also attach stickers to the table and on the blocks.

The Mega Bloks Play’n Go table customer reports show that the most strongest points of the Mega Bloks Play’n Go table is that it is very portable and all the blocks fit inside the storage space and there is a very creative table top which encourages the children to use their imagination.