Melissa & Doug Giraffe reviews

Melissa & Doug Giraffe customer reports


Melissa & Doug Giraffe reviewsHave savannah at your home? Well, why not? With Melissa & Doug Plush Giraffe, it’s not impossible at all. Read more about this in this Melissa & Doug Plush Giraffe Review.

If you think it’s impossible to have a savannah feeling at our home that is both safe and fun for children, you’re wrong. This Plush Giraffe makes adding a touch of the savannah to your home possible.

Melissa & Doug is a known company which has remained the same over the years-to make each and every customer happy. It gains the trust of every customer as it offers products with tremendous value, quality and design. Melissa and Doug range of products include puzzles, preschool, play food, puppets, stuffed animals and gardening toys. This plush giraffe is one of them.

Melissa & Doug Plush Giraffe stands over 4 feet tall. This gentle giant brings a touch of the exotic into virtually any environment.

Also, this giraffe has eye-catching design that will surely grab the audience’s attention to its authentic details and quality construction. It also makes a great addition to just about any décor. The quality construction and authentic details help this giraffe bring an exotic touch to your chosen location—may it be in your living room or bedroom.

It is also a great accessory in a nursery room. This is just the perfect companion because no matter the setting, your child will love the realistic-looking design of this furry friend. It has a cute expression and warm coloring on the outside. It is also soft to touch but is sturdy enough.  It has a sturdy wire frame on the inside to keep this gentle giant to draw attention by keeping it in standing position with its substantial size. It is also flexible that you can move its body and neck to the way you want them to be.

The materials used in this plush giraffe are of top quality that it ensures long years of service, entertainment, and attention. The fabric is durable and strong, the wire is flexible yet can stand against any breakage.

From its cute and realistic exterior to its sturdy interior, Melissa & Doug Plush Giraffe truly proves its worth.

Melissa & Doug Plush Giraffe Specifics and Features:

–          Authentic detailing and quality construction

–          Eye-catching design

–          Brings an exotic touch to any environment, especially nurseries

–          Measures over 4′ tall

–          Premium-quality plush giraffe

–          Wire frame provides both stability and flexibility

According to the Melissa & Doug Plush Giraffe customer reports, the customers who have bought this have truly enjoyed having this plush giraffe at their home. One of the customers commented, “my daughter and I feel like we’re in Africa for real. We love it.”