EdgeStar TBC50S Deluxe Mini Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser reviews


Mini Kegerator Edgestar customer reports


EdgeStar TBC50S Deluxe Mini Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser reviewsBeer is best drank when cold. If you want to have that perfect coldness in your home or you are thinking of something to give to a beer enthusiast, EdgeStar TBC50S Deluxe Mini Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser might be what you need. Read on this Mini Kegerator Edgestar Review to know more.

Mini Kegerator is what every beer enthusiast wants in their home. This stainless steel beer kegerator provides you with cold, fresh beer for a straight-from-the-tap drinking experience. The design is outstanding. The kegerator is designed with a metallic silver cabinet with window for displaying favorite brand of mini keg The miniature window displays the keg of beer so drinkers can see what beer they’re getting.

EdgeStar TBC50S Deluxe Mini Kegerator is a specialty appliance that uses carbonator pressure technology for a pub-quality pour. It can be a good kichen and dining accessory since it features a compact and lightweight construction, and has LED light that makes it look great in such rooms.


The mini kegerator can be modified to tap and serve any non-Heineken standard size 5-liter keg using the CO2 accessory kit. This kegerator features electronic temperature controls that preserve the mini keg at the owner’s preferred temperature for drinking.
In the package, there is included AC and DC power adapter that enable the EdgeStar to readily go from home countertop to a tailgate party. It is portable and can be put anywhere you like. It is the perfect choice for the active beer connoisseur.

It is also important to note that proper outlet adaptors and voltage converters must be used for the area because if there is no proper adaptor and voltage converter, plugging this kegerator into an outlet with voltage in excess of 110-120 volts might result to fire and/or injury. Having these will greatly secure your safety.

EdgeStar TBC50S Deluxe Mini Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser Characteristics and Features:

– Quietly and efficiently maintains optimum mini keg temperature
– Metallic silver cabinet with windiw for displaying favourite brand of mini keg
– Interior blue LED with on/off switch showcases mini keg without raising beer temperature
– Chrome faucet and design accents
– AC / DC compatible with both adapters included
– Easy upgrade kit available to fit any brand of mini kegs
According to the Mini Kegerator Edgestar customer reports, the customers who have bought this product were very satisfied. Not only they are dazzled by its design, but also they come to have the convenience to enjoy the fresh and cold beer in their home. They highly recommend this product to the beer-enthusiast. With this EdgeStar TBC50S Deluxe Mini kegerator, you’ll never be disappointed.