This Mixologist World cocktail shaker is not only a joy to use, but after you’re done experimenting, all you have to do to clean it is put it in the washing machine.

The improved walls are a guarantee that your product is going to last and not rust or be damaged by the alcohol you use.

It contains everything you might need for a successful drink mixing experience: a spoon, a strainer, the shaker itself and an illustrated cocktail book.

The saker has implemented a design that makes it very easy to use daily.

Great materials were used to create this item, and they feel sturdy and are not going to fail you even if you drop the shaker from a considerate height.



One customer pointed out that, while the overall quality of the model is excellent, the bottom is a bit wobbly, especially when left on some surfaces; it might not sit quite right on the counter if you’re not careful.


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Benefits explained

  • This package was put together with one thing in mind: to deliver a high-quality shaker and all of its essential accessories for a tiny price-tag. It is the quintessential premium product that is going to become indispensable from every home.

  • The device is going to become the focal point of your parties. Because it looks good. The design highlights the sleek curvature of the model, and it brings out the modern feel of the stainless steel it is built from. All you have to do is learn the recipes and let it do its magic.


  • When the product arrives, all you have to do is remove it from the box and put it to good use. Everything comes pre-assembled and ready for you to create some magical memories. You will be happy to notices that even the accessories are made of the same heavy-use capable materials.


  • You can bring the product anywhere with you since it is entirely leak proof. This way you won’t have to worry about the liquid inside it destroying your papers or it bursting out while you shake it. The manufacturing process guarantees that.


  • Another way the leak-proof capabilities are ensured, beside the nonporous stainless steel, is with the fitted lid, which shuts tight the device entirely. Just attach it and let go of your worries.


  • With this elegant piece, you can create your own unique drinks, or you can mix up the classic such as Margarita, Bloody Mary, and even a Martini. It’s a product that focuses on versatility, especially since you have a complete palette of accessories to help you get skilled at mixing so that you can impress your friends and family.


  • Of course, the model is thermo-resistant, shockproof and that prolongs its life so you can make this an investment, not just a purchase. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a hot or ice-cold drink, this device survives them all without corrosion marks or leaks. And this extended lifespan makes it the best cocktail shaker to give this season to one that is passionate about mixing or to someone who wants to acquire a new skill.



Mix your favorite drinks effortlessly with this set from Mixologist World that offers you all the tools for a quick, smooth experience whenever and wherever you are.

Buy from Amazon for ($19.93)