If you lack counter space, but you need something to help you store your glasses, then this model from Mixologist World is the best wine glass rack for you.

It is a model designed to be almost hidden. The place you will set it up is under your cabinet, so you don’t need to waste space on your counter.

The materials that this product is crafted with were meticulously chosen to be appropriate for heavy-use and to give this a nice-looking premium aspect.

If space gets you worried, then you should know that this model has plenty of room for all your glasses.

The accessories it comes with will ensure a smooth install and will aid your everyday use of this product.



Someone noticed that this product is suitable only if you have space under your cabinet for it. However, this is hardly an issue in most kitchens.


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Benefits explained

  • This kit is minimalism concentrated. It takes all of the principles of this idea and transforms them into a model that occupies little space, and that is so creatively designed to fit under your cabinet that you will be impressed and glad you didn’t opt for a traditional rack.



  • It really makes the most of the space that would otherwise be dead, since you can’t attach anything else there. When your kitchen tends to be clustered, this item can help you be a bit more organized, and you safely fit your glasses.


  • And since it is so so minimalistic, you’d expect it to be small. But it is not. It is in fact big enough that it can store all your glasses, making it perfect for home or even for commercial use such as at a bar or a restaurant. And if you hang them on the stand after you wash them, your glasses will dry without any water stain.


  • If you think it might be a bit too complicated to install it, you should relax because this item comes with a instructions manual, so you have an uneventful install and to get organized as fast as possible. It’s a complete set that knows your desires and delivers.


  • The quality of the manufacturing process is premium. This is a model that is created only from the finest materials, to become a product that is going to withstand the test of time. It is rust and scratch-free, but at the same time, it won’t be too hard on your glasses.


  • It is the ideal accessory for an enthusiast wine lover and for someone that has a bit too many glasses and need to free up some space on the counter. It can really change the whole look of your kitchen, and since it is so reliable, you know it won’t fall from under your cabinet.


  • It is simple when it comes to design, but efficient. It will help you to save some money and will reinforce the idea that these were money well spent on a product that feels premium. And since it comes in one piece out of the box, you won’t waste time assembling it. The same thing with the accessories, you won’t have to spend extra money on buying what it already comes with.



This Mixologist World wine glass rack is the best solution for your storage needs, especially if you lack flat surfaces for a more traditional product.


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