This model is made from crystal clear glass, perfectly see-through and without any impurities that could cause it to crack under pressure.

The design is what makes it stand out. It is elegant and sophisticated and could catch the eye of every passer-by.

Besides, it also features the complete set of accessories to makes your life easier and to save you some money.

You could fill the item with any drink you’d like, and the product won’t lose its shine. You can even use it as a vase.

Passion for wine and premium products is a real thing. That’s why this could make someone very happy if given as a gift.



A reviewer has pointed out that while handling of the package, minimal damage was caused. A piece of rubber plastic was stretched over the stand, but it was nothing too serious.


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Benefits explained

  • This one decanter is designed to take style to a whole new level. It just looks elegant, as if a lot of thought was put into the development of its lines and curvatures. It can make even a dull room look like an upper-class environment. It just catches your attention immediately as other products fail to do.

  • And the glass it is made from is hardened and clear. It looks almost like a crystal – stylish and fragile. But this product is anything but delicate. It is sturdy, and it doesn’t lose its shine under the corrosive action of the wine. On the contrary, it stays just as smooth and transparent as the day you receive it.


  • If you’re looking not only for a heavy-use model but for a package that includes a set of useful accessories, then this is it. It features a simple yet efficient stand, perfect for when you wash it, and you need to dry it quickly.


  • If a simple, quick clean is what gets you going, you’ll be happy to know that it comes with a cleaning brush for those narrow corners and to help you remove all stains within seconds. It is essential that it is simple to clean since that can alter the taste of your wine.


  • Sometimes a product wants to be unique, so they feature something extra for your entertainment. And this Mixologist World model makes no exception. It comes in the box with a hardcover Wine Storybook, for those moments when you lack inspiration.


  • The overall quality of this device is going to help improve the aroma of your drink. And serving wine with the help of this exquisite item is going to strengthen the flavor just by association.


  • It’s for sure going to be the talk of your family gatherings if you use it to impress them with your purchase. It just enhances everything forms your good taste to the room it is placed in.


  • You can use it as a vase, when you are not hosting an event or as a simple decoration that doesn’t look out of place in any room. It’s a product that offers a lot for its value, not just a long lifespan and delicate design.



Enhance the taste of your wine and give a touch of high-class to your home with this ingenious device. It’s perfect for removing impurities from your wine and serving your friends.


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