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Mizuno MP-59 reviewsFor people who are looking to have a better golfing play, you must invest an equally great club. As many long time golfers know, one of the best brand that manufacture such club is Mizuno. Today. Mizuno offers an addition to their club collection – the Mizuno MP-59. In this article, we will give you a brief look of what this product as we look closely to its features and specifications. With this, you can have an idea of what this particular golf club can do and if it works and fits you. This Mizuno MP-59 review article aims to provide you more knowledge to the product so you can make a smart choice and a great buy.


What separates the Mizuno MP-59 from other golf club is its technology and actual construction. These two factors contribute greatly on why this golf club seems to be just one piece of blade. The Mizuno MP-59 has no welding and brazing. More so, it did not undergo any heat treatment. Added to that, it utilizes titanium insert instead of the usual steel because it is less dense, making the whole golf club much more lighter. Also, the titanium insert also brings about an ideal amount of thickness behind the impact area so you can enjoy a consistent and sold feel with every hit. Added to these, the Mizuno MP-59 works with the advanced Ti Muscle technology. This technology forges into the back cavity that increases the club’s MOI. This helps a lot in improving you skills, and ultimately will help enhance your game play.



For its design, it may not boasts grand look, but it definitely has the clean and classy look that most golfers love. It boasts one of the most perfect proportions It has the right amount of top line to the eye with minimal offset and medium blade length. The hosel transition is obviously blended perfectly as it has no visible humps that some players find distracting. And even if the Mizuno MP-59 has a chrome finish, it does not glare in the sun.


All in all, the Mizuno MP-59 is a great golf club to get. From its design to its power, surely, you are getting one a worthy iron. Maybe not all players will love this particular golf club model, but any one who appreciates muscleback can easily adjust into these clubs because of its sole design and clean top line. As seen from many Mizuno MP-59 customer reports, people are very happy and pleased with this golf club’s performance. It is not shocking to know that most users eventually fell in love with this model and gave it high ratings. It is comfortable to use and boasts advanced technology that helps out to enhance and improve one’s game play. Plus, it also looks good with its perfect proportions and clean design. Overall, the Mizuno MP-59 is worth checking out.