Mizuno Wave Prophesy reviews

Mizuno Wave Prophesy customer reports


Mizuno Wave Prophesy reviewsHave the ride of your life with the Mizuno Wave Prophesy Running Shoes. After seven years of intense research and development, Mizuno has at last produced their most advanced shoes ever. It is well-engineered and well-made and so, it ensures durability and comfort. Read more about it in this Mizuno Wave Prophesy Review.

When it comes to responsiveness, Mizuno Wave Prophesy running shoes is unmatched. It features the SmoothRide technology wherein there is the rocking sensation delivered by the plastic sole-plate enhanced by its upward taper at the toe-box. This rocking sensation allows the user to quickly get into the groove of running.

It also fits to one’s feet in the most comfortable manner. Wave Prophecy’s upper is made of a stretchy material which wraps itself around the foot making it fit. The shoe tongue is also attached to the upper with an elastic band, further enhancing the fit of the shoe. It offers a good grip on the feet ensuring safe and comfortable running activities because it fits tightly around the ankle. The shoe’s extremely smooth heel-to-toe transition belied its weight of almost 366g.

This unique shoe also has a wonderful design with its powerful red streaks and gray body. The midsole-less design looks too futuristic. Its loud red streaks do not help matters.

The cushioning and impact absorption of this Wave Prophesy is also incredible. Its foot-bed is after all separated from the sole-plate. There is also a noticeable wave-like pattern on the sole-plate of this Mizuno running shoes which attributes the cushioning to its wave technology.

The wave-like shape of the sole-plate helps dissipate shock. And yet it will be best not to walk on wet path making it highly recommended for use on a dry path.

Many customers who used it were glad that they did. It is also available in the market in an affordable price.

Mizuno Wave Prophesy Running Shoes Specifics and Features:

–          “Smoothride” technology

–          366g

–          smooth heel-to-toe transition

–          loud red streaks

–          midsole-less design

–          high shoe profile

–          plastic sole-plate

–          wave-like shape of the sole-plate

–          made of a stretchy material

–          upward taper at the toe-box

–          shoe tongue attached to the upper with an elastic band

–          foot-bed held up by plastic columns

–          soft cushion

According to the Mizuno Wave Prophesy customer reports, this running shoes is well liked by customers because of the comfort it brings and its high quality performance. But it’s not just that, it is also available in such a reasonable price. It is also highly rated because of amazing features. “Using it and trying it proves that Wave Prophesy is a friend in my running exercise.