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Mockingjay reviewsIf you are a fan of the Hunger Games, Mockingjay is definitely a must read. As the final instalment of the trilogy, this book offers an exciting wrap and conclusion that does not disappoint. If the first book showed us how Katniss’ world was ruled by the dictatorship Capitol and how she was able to survive and win the much feared Hunger games, Mockingjay now takes us in for a ride to an all-out rebellion to the Capitol. Katniss niw faces bigger games as she is in for an all-out war against the most powerful forces. With this third book, Hunger Games in no longer bound to the four corners of an arena, but it is quickly spreading throughout all the districts. In this Mockingjay (the Final Book of the Hunger Games) review, we will provide you a quick look on how this book is different from the first two instalments.

The Mockingjay (the Final Book of the Hunger Games) is basically a war story. It showed us how Katniss was able to take in the role of a volunteer, yet still be a pawn over the ruling and all powerful Capitol. The author, Suzanne Collins, was also able to develop the supporting characters that we too feel for them. Because of how Collins was able to establish these characters so beautifully, some readers get attached to them and find it hard to take in their deaths. Furthermore, what is also exciting about the book is that it does not clearly and directly shows who the bad and good guys are, continuing the complexity and intrigues that the two books also showed. Mockingjay also continues the romance between Katniss, Gale, and Peeta, Though, even at the first book it has been clear that love is not a top priority for Katniss, in this third it does still stays true. Mockingjay does not provide us an ending that is all wrapped in gold and glitter. It does show us how the war ended and who Katniss ends up with, but there are still a lot of questions lingering to its readers. This may be a little disappointment for some people, but it is a part of the charm and excitement of the book.

Overall, basing from various Mockingjay (the Final Book of the Hunger Games) customer reports, this book offers the same excitement, thrill, and emotional rollercoaster that we have felt for the first two books. It is truly engaging that we feel Katniss’ disappointments, pain, sorrow, and victory as our own. Collins was able to establish characters and story that we, readers can relate to. This is definitely a good wrap for the Hunger Games trilogy that all readers can definitely enjoy.