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Mongoose Dibbs Freestyle reviewsFor people who love doing various tricks in their bicycles, it is highly advisable to get one that is specifically designed and modelled to do extreme tricks so that your safety and protection are ensured. One kind of bicycle that you can get for such sport is the freestyle bike/rider. There are a lot of bicycle brands offering this type of bicycle, since more and more people are getting into this semi extreme sport.

With this, if you are interested in purchasing a freestyle bike, you must really be careful when choosing one so that what you get truly and perfectly fits you. In this Mongoose Dibbs Freestyle review, we will give you a brief look of what this freestyle bike offers you so that you can have an idea whether this bike is cut out for you.First off, if you are looking for a bike that can be used for professional level and gaming events, the Mongoose Dibbs Freestyle may not be for you.

This freestyle rider offers basic features that well appropriate for those who are just starting to get on the sport or those who just wants to have fun in the neighbourhood. Though basic, it still boasts a powerful performance and decent quality. The Mongoose Dibbs Freestyle boasts a lighter and flatland frame to catch bigger air and provide you more foot clearance. It has four integrated freestyle pegs handle for various tricks and grinds. For your safety and protection, the handlebar is secured by four bolt stem clamps. With this, you can be sure that the handle bar will not fall off when you are doing stunts. It also has a calliper brakes for sure and accurate stops. Added to that, the Mongoose Dibbs Freestyle also has a 25 x 9 micro gearing with free coaster that is extra tough and provides the serious performance that beginners may look for.
With all these features, the Mongoose Dibbs Freestyle is a good freestyle bike for people who are just starting out on the sport since it has all the necessary features to you would need in such bike. Furthermore, this is also a good buy for people who just want to have fun in their neighbourhood. It has decent quality and can do some pretty simple tricks. According to various Mongoose Dibbs Freestyle customer reports, this bike is particularly great for kids as a starter freestyle bike. It has enough protection and security in it for parents to feel safe whenever their kids are playing with it. It looks very sturdy and durable to withstand wear and tear, especially with kids’ rowdy behaviour. All in all, the Mongoose Dibbs Freestyle is a good buy if you are looking for a starter BMX.