Monsoon Multimedia 010410VL reviews


Monsoon Multimedia 010410VL customer reports


Monsoon Multimedia 010410VL reviewsRecord and watch the most memorable parts of your life. The Vulkano LAVA is also perfect for both in-home entertainment and taking your TV with you when you travel. Read more about this amazing video recorder in this Monsoon Multimedia 010410VL Review.

Monsoon Multimedia 010410VL is a recorder that also acts as a screen for watching videos from external drives, from the connected devices, and from the web. It uses connects to the web through the Gigabit Ethernet. It can also connect through Wi-Fi connection.

Monsoon Multimedia is known for making high quality products like cameras and video recorders. They are said to be durable and of top quality. This video recorder is simple yet appealing in terms of exterior design.

Monsoon Multimedia Vulkano LAVA 010410VL enables you to be able to navigate to the web and connect to streaming sites like YouTube. LAVA has a TV screen menu that enables you to do just that.

You can also stream HD videos onto your big screen TV from the recorder. With the included remote control LAVA users can again use LAVA’s menu and go to the UPnP function which searches the home network for connected devices like smartphones, NAS drives, PC’s, tablets then wirelessly stream photos, videos or music from those devices directly onto the TV.

This recorder is capable in transferring data such as videos through HDMI, Composite Video, Component Video, and USB connection.

Vulkano LAVA 010410VL supports MultiMediaCard (MMC) and has a flash memory capacity of 4 GB.

Monsoon Multimedia 010410VL Package contains a Vulkano LAVA digital video recorder, power adapter, Quick Start Guide, RJ-45 Ethernet Cable, IR Blaster Cable, Remote Control, HDMI Cable, 2 Component Cables, and 2 Composite Cables.


Monsoon Multimedia Vulkano LAVA 010410VL Digital Video Recorder Specifics and Features:

–          Product Name: Vulkano LAVA Digital Video Recorder

–          Product Type: Digital Video Recorder

–          Memory Card Supported: MultiMediaCard (MMC)

–          Flash Memory Capacity: 4 GB

–          Video System: PAL

–          Ethernet Technology: Gigabit Ethernet

–          Wi-Fi

–          HDMI

–          Uses Composite Video

–          Uses Component Video

–          USB port

–          Package Contents: Vulkano LAVA Digital Video Recorder, 1 Power Adapter, 1 Quick Start Guide, 1 RJ-45 Ethernet Cable, 1 IR Blaster Cable, 1 Remote Control, 1 HDMI Cable, 2 Component Cables, and 2 Composite Cables.


In the Monsoon Multimedia 010410VL customer reports, the customers find this a wonderful piece of technology that is available in an reasonable price. It also makes it easy for data transferring from the video recorder to the computer, to the TV, or to other devices. The features that comprises this Monsoon Multimedia Vulkano LAVA 010410VL is truly worth every penny for it is not only for entertainment, it is also for capturing the precious moments in your life.