Most popular Baby Walkers models


One of the baby essentials that the parents shop for is the baby walker. It is the most effective kind of device that will help the motor skills of the child and to help him learn how to walk. There are literally hundreds of brands in the market, each have diverse features that makes it a little tricky for the parents to choose. There are basically two types of baby walkers:  there is a wooden push walker also known as the “original walker”, a sit in walker which is perfect for babies five to six months old and a combination of both. Of course, the first thing to look out for is the safety and comfort features but to help you pick the right baby walker for your kid, here is the most popular baby walker reviews.


Chicco Lil Piano Splash walker


Most popular Baby Walker reviews Not only is this Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker safe for your baby, it is also known for its durability and comfort. While developing the child’s motor skills there are also other features added to this model, it also promotes development of rhythm and music, the seat of this product is also padded, it is also easy to store because it folds flat, it has brake pads to ensure the child’s safety and adjustments (3 heights) so that the child can sit comfortably and will not be quickly outgrown by the kid. These features are great – no wonder it made the list of the best baby walkers in the market today.



Haba Walker Wagon


Haba Walker Wagon is for bigger babies that are on the verge of walking but still need a little help. This is really a fun looking piece that the kid will enjoy; he or she can even place some of the toys on this walker as there is a useful pocket for toy storing. This cure walker is sturdy and it has rubber tires on wood rims and of course brakes for the child’s safety. Although this one is simpler than the others, it truly deserve to be part of the most popular baby walker reviews.



Jeep Liberty Renegade Walker


Considered as one of the best baby walkers in 2019 because of the safety, comfort and durability, Jeep Liberty Renegade Walker includes other fun features like car engine sounds, horns and music to entertain the baby. For comfort, the walker is completely padded and this product is easy to clean with soft key toy and cargo bags. Three position height adjustment so that the baby wouldn’t easily outgrow the walker, it has friction strips for the baby’s safety and security and it has independent front rotating wheels. This is a JPMA certified like the other top rated walkers.



 Plan Toy baby walker


This model is more of a traditional walker but it can compete, still with the latest or modern types of walkers because it has three of the best and most important features: durability, safety and strength. Plan Toy Baby Walker is designed to cater kids of different weight and height.  This model’s other features include 24 natural and colored blocks, best for kids between ages 10 months to 3 years old and it is made of organic rubber wood.



Safety 1st Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker


Last product on the list of the most popular baby walker reviews is Safety 1st. Safety as the priority is what this walker represents. Safety 1st Sounds n Lights discovery walker also has a three position height so that it wouldn’t be outgrown by the baby quickly. It has a padded seat and toys that would entertain the baby.