Most popular Clock Radios models


Everyone wants to be on time and one of the most underrated devices that we have at this day and age is alarm clock. It helps us respect other people’s time and schedule as well when we are not late for a meeting or an appointment and it helps us keep up with the fast pace world that we live in. Clock radios are popular not only because it works as an alarm clock, but because you can choose the type of music that will wake you up in the morning which makes it more interesting and fun. To help you pick the best clock radio that suits you, below is the most popular clock radio reviews.


Sony ICF-CD815 AM and FM-Stereo and CD Clock Radio with Dual Alarm


Most popular Clock Radio reviews This is one of the most popular clock radio in the market because of its dual alarm and its CD player. It’s great that you will have your choice of any song that you can set up with this alarm. Listening to your favorite songs in the morning usually bring positive vibe the whole day. Other features include: An AM FM radio, with CD playback/rewind. Moreover, Sony ICF-CD815 AM/FM-Stereo and CD, it has a 1.4 inch LED that is easy to view/read.



Sony ICF-C218 Auto Time-Set Clock Radio


 As we all know Sony is one of the best electronic manufacturers in the world. That is the reason why a lot of people trust in this brand and model of clock radio made by them. It has a sleek and elegant design that would fit any space in the room, it also has DST (Daylight Saving Time) automatic feature that spares you from setting it manually which could be tricky sometimes. Moreover, this particular model of Sony clock radio has an impressive battery back-up that keeps the time accurate and it has an LED display that is easy to view.   This model truly deserves as spot in the most popular clock radio reviews.



Sony ICF-C318 Auto Time-Set Clock Radio with Dual Alarm


Another Sony model known for its reliability which is very crucial in a clock radio is the ICF – C318 lest it would be utile to have one. It comes with an easy to read LED display and it allows you to set the time with ease because the selection and control are uncomplicated. In addition to this model’s features, it also has an accurate snooze bar and an electronic calendar that enables the user to not only be aware of the time but also the date.



Timex T227 Large-display Alarm Clock Radio with MP3 Line-in


Considered as one of the best clock radio in 2019, Timex (which is also one of the leading brands especially when it comes to timepieces) T227 clock radio has a 0.9 inch LED with a dimmer control that keeps the time info from fading.  Moreover, this particular model comes with an AM FM radio. So you can switch on to your favorite radio station and set this clock and it has a gradual buzzer alert that would surely wake you up in the morning.



Emerson CKS1702 Smart Set Alarm Clock Radio


The last product on the list of the most popular clock radio reviews is Emerson CKS1702. The name says it all, Smart set, meaning setting up this clock radio is so easy unlike other models in the market. This is also popular because of its compact design, it comes with an AM and FM radio, with a back-up battery, it also automatically adjusts to DST (daylight savings time).